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June 13, 2021

Holocaust Survivor Zsuzsi Yardley dies in Switzerland

Exit Life Member – Zsuzsi Yardley – died at Pegasos in Liestal Switzerland on 3 June 2021. Shortly before her death Zsuzsi wrote: Dear Friends, It is more than fifty years ago that I joined a campaigning organisation for the right to make choices at the end of life, called Exit. Organisations change, their names […]

May 30, 2021

California Advocates for More Humane EOL Law

Associated Press

This week news that yet another End of Life Choices law is to be made more progressive with the move that ‘California Advocates for More Humane EOL Law’, thus proving that medicalised laws have – by their very nature – restrictions which can be cruel and unnecessarily cumbersome to those dying people who are seeking […]

May 17, 2021

The New Yorker: We’ve Had Great Success Extending Life. What About Ending It?

Brooke Jarvis, The New Yorker

The New Yorker: We’ve Had Great Success Extending Life. What About Ending It? – Throughout most of the seventeenth century, residents of London could buy, from street hawkers who fought one another for sales territory, a peculiar sort of newspaper. It cost a penny, sold about five or six thousand copies a week, and consisted […]

May 9, 2021

Swiss doctor Erika Preisig is cleared of murder again

Swiss Info

The Swiss doctor Erika Preisig is cleared of murder again of helping a mentally ill woman take her life has once more been cleared of intentional homicide. A Swiss appeals court in canton Basel rejected attempts by prosecutors to overturn a 2019 verdict that had cleared the doctor of murder. The court upheld the earlier […]

May 4, 2021

Laura’s Choice Secures International Distribution

If Magazine, Sean Slatter

The universal subject matter of Sam Lara and Cathy Henkel’s documentary Laura’s Choice has been recognised by distributor Off The Fence, which has picked up the project for international sales. The film details the life and death of Laura Henkel, a 90-year-old that has decided she wants to end her life on her own terms, […]

May 1, 2021

The Backstory of Rhys Habermann

The Backstory of Rhys Habermann concerns a young man diagnosed with terminal cancer. He would become the youngest person that Exit has ever permitted to subscribe to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook. Rhys Habermann contacted Exit in 2015, a few months after he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. From the get-go he revealed himself as mature […]



April 25, 2021

Euthanasia Increase in the Netherlands

Dutch News

There were more euthanasia procedures than ever before in 2020, according to a new report. The RTE Regional Euthanasia Review Committees*, which each year analyse all deaths by euthanasia and test whether strict criteria have been met, reported 6,938 procedures. All but two of these were judged to have met the six legal requirements, which […]

April 11, 2021

Dutch Push for Demedicalisation of Euthanasia Laws, Agence France Presse

The Coöperatie Laatste Wil (CLW), together with thirty Dutch citizens, is taking the Dutch State to court to create the legal right for voluntary, elective dying at a time of one’s choosing that does not require medical sanction or assistance. This Dutch push for the Demedicalisation of Euthanasia Laws is being driven by the concept […]