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About Exit

Exit International is a leading non-profit organisation devoted to providing rational adults with information & education about practical DIY end of life choices.

Exit International was founded in 1997 by Dr Philip Nitschke. Philip is based outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Exit is a non-profit public company with an online supporter base of over 30,000 in countries including the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, NZ and many more.

Exit is supported by a small staff & an active network of volunteers.

Exit’s income is derived from memberships, bequests & other donations.

The average age of Exit members is 75 years. The vast majority of Exit members are the well elderly. A significant minority of members are seriously ill.

Exit was formerly known as the Voluntary Euthanasia Research Foundation (VERF).


At Exit, we believe that it is a fundamental human right for every adult of sound mind, to be able to plan for the end of their life in a way that is reliable, peaceful & at a time of their choosing – Dr Philip Nitschke


Exit Public Meetings & Workshops

Exit Public Meetings and Workshops have resumed post Covid. For more information visit the Workshops page on this site.

Exit Books

Exit International NL is the publisher of the 2022 Peaceful Pill eHandbook – Essentials Edition & the print Peaceful Pill Handbook.

See: for more information.

Exit Online Webinars & Snippets

In 2021, a series of 10 Online Snippets were held in lieu of live, face to face workshops. Recordings are available on subscription.

In 2022, Exit is holding an occastional series of online ‘Update Webinars’ based upon the The Peaceful Pill eHandbook – Essentials

These free Member online events will be held every time a substantial update is made to the eHandbook (most months). See here for more information.

Local Chapters

Exit’s Local Chapters operate at the grass-roots level where they provide a regular meeting point for members to come together and discuss their thoughts and ideas, make new friends and stay on top of the latest information.

Since the pandemic, chapter meetings are held both online and face-to-face.

Exit Coffee & Chats

A subset of Chapter activities, Exit coffee and chat groups are small local groups of Exit members who meet privately in members’ homes for friendship, support and information.

Since the pandemic, ‘coffee & chats’ are held both online and face-to-face.

Peaceful Pill Online Forums

Exit’s Peaceful Pill forums are an online community of Exit Members/ Subscribers of The Peaceful Pill eHandbook. from all over the world.

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Research & Development

Exit undertakes an active program of R&D across a range of end of life issues. The results are published in The Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

The current chief R&D Project involves the 3D printed Sarco Euthanasia Capsule.

Political Advocacy

Since Philip Nitschke founded Exit in 1997, he has fought tirelessly for voluntary euthanasia law reform. When he lived in Australia, he stood twice as an Independent candidate for the Melbourne seat of Menzies. In 2013, he ran on the Voluntary Euthanasia Party Senate ticket in the ACT and West Australia and is a past Deputy National Convenor of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party of Australia.

Exit’s Irish Director, Tom Curran, is spear-heading the introduction of right to die law reform in Ireland.

See for more information.

Exit Publications

Exit Internationalist Email Newsletter

Exit publishes a weekly Email with all the news & views of Exit’s activities & broader issues.

Deliverance Newsletter

Exit publishes a print newsletter – Deliverance – Archive editions are on the Exit website.

Peaceful Pill eHandbook – Essentials Edition 2022

The continually updated Peaceful Pill eHandbook is published by Exit International in the US & the Netherlands.

Peaceful Pill Handbook – Essentials & Amazon Editions

Order the Essentials Peaceful Pill Handbook in Print Format

An 18+ general readership edition of the Peaceful Pill Handbook is available from

Other Exit Books

Killing Me Softly: Voluntary Euthanasia and the Road to the Peaceful Pill (Penguin)

Damned If I Do: Autobiography of Philip Nitschke (Melbourne University Press)

Exit Internationalist Email List

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Exit Conferences & Social Events

The next Exit International Conference will be held in Dublin in the European summer of 2023.

Exit hosted the conference fully online. The recording is available.


About Exit

About Exit

Exit founder, Dr Philip Nitschke


Do you need help?

If you feel that you are in need of emotional/ psychological help, please use the phone numbers listed below:

Netherlands: 0800 0113

UK Samaritans: 116 123

USA: National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1 800 273 8255

Australia Lifeline: 13 11 14

NZ Suicide Prevention: 0508 828 865

Canada Crisis Services: 1 833 456  4566

NOSP Ireland: 016352139