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Nutech 2024 will be held in Dublin, Ireland.
NuTech 2020 was held online.


NuTech 2020 was held via Livestream on Saturday 26 September 2020.

The Theme of the Conference was: ‘The Dementia Dilemma – is the Answer Technological?’


  • The Implantable ‘Plug’ – A New Solution to the Dementia Dilemma?
  • The Practicality of Implanting a Lethal Switch
  • The Evolution & Pharmacology of the 4-Drug Protocols (DDMP & DDMA)
  • Nitro ‘Foam Frenzy’ for a Happy Hypoxia: or another way to bin the bag!
  • Lessons from Self-Help Abortion: How to Avoid Reinventing the Wheel
  • Methoglobinaemia & the Nitrite Conspiracy: Holy Grail or Failed Dream?
  • New Strategies for Bio-Body Disposal
  • Monoxide Magic – The dry powder generator
  • A Common Gases Generator – generate up to a dozen different gases

Plus Several Updates on Recent NuTech Projects

  • ReBreathing ReVisited
  • Sarco X progress & Sarco 3.0, a flat pack cardboard ‘IKEA’ model

Need 2 Know

  • Because of COVID-19, we are unable to offer in-room attendance.


The recording of the conference is now available.

The recording is free for conference registrants. US$75 for others.

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