NuTech Conferences

The NuTech2020 conference will be held entirely online on Saturday 26 September.

Registrations Open Soon

This will be the first time the NuTech conference is 100% online.

While the past two conferences (Toronto in 2017 and Cape Town in 2018) were livestreamed, because of COVID-19, no in-room attendance will be possible in 2020.

It has been common practice for NuTech meetings to be held concurrently with the biennial meetings of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies.

However, with the 2020 WFRTDS conference cancelled, NuTech is going it alone.

Previous NuTech Conferences/ Meetings

Since its establishment, NuTech has met by common agreement in cities including:

  • Vancouver (twice in the 1990s)
  • Seattle – 2002
  • San Francisco – 2014
  • Toronto – 2017
  • Cape Town – 2018
  • Global Online – 2020