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Exit Member Benefits


Exit holds face-to-face and online workshops and public meetings. Workshops are exclusive for Exit International Members.


Philip Nitschke is the author of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook series.

The 2006 Peaceful Pill Handbook was banned in Australia by then Attorney General, Philip Ruddock. Since this time it has been published in the US and the Netherlands and is available globally.

The new 2022 ‘Essentials’ edition of the Peaceful Pill Handbook and online eHandbook are published by Exit International in the Netherlands.


Local Chapter Meetings/ Coffee & Chat Groups

Local Exit chapter meetings are held face-2-face and on Zoom and provide an opportunity for Exit members to meet others of like mind in a casual and safe environment.

Local Chapter Meetings & small Coffee/ Chat groups are free for Exit Members.

See the Chapters link on this site for further information.

Online Peaceful Pill Forums

Exit Forums provide a safe & secure online space to ask questions & receive answers relating to information featured in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook. You’ll need to be over 50, of sound mind or seriously ill to qualify.

The Peaceful Pill Online Forums are free for Exit Members.

Political Advocacy & Exit Ireland in 2022

Exit has a long history of political advocacy. More recently, in 2022, Tom Curran founded Exit Ireland to advocate for a Swiss style law in his country. Exit does not support medical-model assisted dying laws by reason that they only help a very small group of terminally ill people. Exit supports Swiss-style laws and to this end undertakes a range of political advocacy in different countries.

Online Webinars

Philip Nitschke is hosting regular Update Webinars online. Each time there is a significant update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook (6-12 times a year), Exit will hold an Update Webinar to discuss the content and answer reader questions.

See: Update Webinars

Online Snippet Recordings – 2021 Series

Exit Snippets were a 2021 series of monthly, single topic online workshops that examine one practical aspect of end of life choices per month conducted throughout the pandemic year of 2021. Topics included:

  • February: Inorganic Salts
  • March: Gases
  • April: Drug Premedication & Potentiation
  • May: Morphine & the Opioids
  • June: Dying at Pegasos
  • July: Miscellaneous Drugs
  • August: Barbiturates
  • October: USA Lethal Mixtures
  • November: Devices (forthcoming)
  • December Summary: The Essentials & Late Upates

Post Covid, Exit face-to-face workshops have returned. See the Workshops link on this site for further information.

Assistance in going to Switzerland

Exit provides Members with 2 special services: the Application Assistance Program which takes the stress out of the paperwork required for an application to any one of the Swiss organisations and secondly, an ID service if a member must travel alone.

See the Switzerland link on this site for further information.

Research & Development

Exit provides members with cutting-edge knowledge about the latest end of life issues as they relate to technology. The current project involves the 3D printed ‘Sarco‘.

Deliverance Newsletters & Exit Emails

Exit Members can receive email and print copies of Exit’s Deliverance Newsletter, up to 4 times a year. If you are online you will have ongoing access to eDeliverance as well as our weekly Email News in your email box. You can join the email list at the Exit homepage.

See the Newsletter link on this site for back editions of both publications.

Exit Conferences

Exit Members receive member discounts to attend Exit Conferences such as NuTech2020  where attendance was free. The recording is now available. The next Exit conference will be held in Dublin in the European summer of 2023.

Exit Membership Pack

Members receive an Exit membership card and everything you need to know to feel assured in your end of life decision-making.