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November 7, 2021

Convicted euthanasia advocate Susan Austen ‘thrilled’

Vita Molyneux, NZ Herald

She’s got four grandchildren with a fifth on the way, a loving husband, and a conviction for importing lethal drugs – Suzy Austen is a little different to your typical grandmother but as a convicted euthanasia advocate Susan Austen ‘thrilled’ by End of Life Choice Bill The 70-year-old Lower Hutt woman has spent the last […]

November 6, 2021

November Update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook

The November 2021 Update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook focuses on the three topics of: Anti-emetics Warning: Doctors Advised to Scrutinise Requests Nembutal Availability Changes: Sth America Azide Wars Update: Truth is the 1st Casualty Log In Subscribe Note – subscriptions are only available to folk aged > 50 years & of sound mind. Photo […]

November 6, 2021

Portugal’s parliament approves revised bill

Euronews with AP

Euronews reports that Portugal’s parliament approves revised bill legalising euthanasia for terminally ill and seriously injured people. The legislation still requires the signature of Portugal’s President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa to become law, and he is known to have deep reservations. If he signs the second version of the bill, Portugal would become one of […]

October 31, 2021

World Right to Die Day on 2 November 2021

World Right to Die Day on 2 November 2021 sees a Call to law makers for better respect for the end-of-life choices of your citizens, please! When suffering individuals are barred from access to voluntary assisted dying, this is often caused by lawmakers. For this reason, today the World Federation of Right to Die Societies […]

October 24, 2021

Austria’s Proposed Law Disses On its Constitutional Court Ruling

Despite the country’s highest court asserting that the right to die well is a fundamental human right, Austria’s Proposed Law Disses On its Constitutional Court Ruling. Agence France Presse have report that Austria’s government on Saturday set out its plans for legalizing assisted suicide from 2022 in response to a court ruling which found that […]

October 24, 2021

Terminally Ill Brits are One Step Closer

The Mirror

The Mirror reports that terminally ill Brits are one step closer to obtaining their wish for assistance in dying as a highly-disputed bill has passed its first hurdle in the House of Lords. The second reading of the Assisted Dying Bill, was unopposed in the Lords, and is set to be scrutinised by a committee. […]

October 17, 2021

The right of older people to decide for themselves

Huib Drion, NRC

The right of older people to decide for themselves by Huib Drion – published in NRC, 19 October 1991 Dutch Title: ‘Het zelfgewilde einde van oudere mensen’ There is no doubt in my mind that many old people would find great peace of mind if they had a means at their disposal to end life […]

October 16, 2021

Erika Preisig speaks out

Swiss Info

As a doctor and president of assisted suicide organisation Lifecircle, Erika Preisig speaks out saying ‘I don’t want to kill anybody’ in this recent interview. Erika Preisig says she has been helping patients, including foreigners, to die. She is also one of the advocates of legalising assisted suicide in other countries. We asked her why. […]