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April 21, 2024

Prosecutor Demands Prison Sentences in Middel X Case

De Volkskrant

Six (former) members of Coöperatie Laatste Wil have been given prison sentences ranging from 30 to 6 months in the mega criminal case concerning the distribution of suicide powder Middel X. The public prosecutor is seeking a single acquittal, against former board member Petra de Jong. The prosecutor has painted a picture of ‘profound idealism’: […]

November 12, 2023

Police seize euthanasia advocate’s helium balloon kit

Originally published October 2016 in the Nelson Mail Patsy McGrath was surprised to see two policemen turn up on the doorstep of her Nelson home. She was even more stunned when they presented a warrant to seize her store-bought helium balloon kit. Acting on directions from Wellington police, the policemen explained they had grounds to believe they would […]

October 1, 2023

Widower suicide spurs euthanasia drug worry

The Australian newspaper reports that a ‘Widower suicide spurs euthanasia drug worry’. Voluntary assisted dying advocates insist euthanasia drugs should continue to be dispensed to dying people at home despite an elderly Queensland widower taking the lethal substance meant for his terminally ill wife. In the first suspected abuse of a VAD scheme in Australia, […]

July 30, 2023

Dr Death and his search for the best way to die

De Volkskrant, by Maud Effting & Haro Kraak

Dr. Death and his search for the best way to die writes Maud Effting and Haro Kraak in de Volkskrant, NL As founder of Exit International, Philip Nitschke fights for access to information about a soft, self- chosen death. “I think every adult with common sense is entitled to that.” On his idyllic houseboat near […]

May 1, 2022

Sarco goes to Poland

The Sarco goes to Poland to feature in a new play that debates end of life rights. It stands on the base, which is connected to the socket with an ordinary charger, like a laptop. Then some elements of the housing begin to glow. At first glance, the whole thing looks like a bobsleigh. Or […]

April 27, 2022

Emmanuel Macron suggests a will and a way on euthanasia

Le Monde, Béatrice Jérôme

Le Monde reports that Emmanuel Macron suggests a will and a way on euthanasia. The president promised a citizens’ convention on euthanasia and says he favors the Belgian model. His opponent Marine Le Pen does not want to modify the current law. Although it was not a topic broached during the televised debate on Wednesday, […]