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Opinion Editorials

October 24, 2015

A life well lived; a death journey unexpected

Dr David Swanton, The Canberra Times

I am exasperated, devastated, and relieved. I’ve experienced these emotions during the recent death of my mother. She said, in one of her last phone calls to me, that ‘I was told that it would be painless, and I’m so cranky’. My mum, Bet to her friends, had pancreatic cancer. From her diagnosis in April […]

November 19, 2014

Rational suicide is a challenge that we must face

Philip Nitschke, Sydney Morning Herald

The debate in recent weeks about end-of-life choices has undoubtedly raised some uncomfortable issues. While some have accused me of expounding black-white views on rational suicide, snidely remarking that such opinions belong in first-year university philosophy, the conversation started with my trial in Darwin over my medical registration is far from Voluntary Euthanasia 101. Rather, […]