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Exit International (Assisted Suicide/ Voluntary Euthanasia)

Exit International holds regular Workshops in the UK, Europe, Australasia & Nth America.  Exit was previously known as the Voluntary Euthanasia Research Foundation.
Dr Nitschke is the author of the best-selling practical methods guidebook The Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

>>> Medical Board undertakes Political De-registration

Updated 23 July 2014 Suspended
Under the cover of midnight, the Medical Board of Australia has suspended the medical license of Dr Philip Nitschke PhD MBBS. 
In a move driven by political motives, and for political expediency, the Medical Board has acted contrary to the rule of law & Australian democracy.
A press conference will be held at 11am Australian Central Time at Exit's SA office.
19 Gilbert St, Gilberton SA 5081.
Media inquiries to: 0417 398 401.
Read The Australian's report 'Nitschke Linked to Wife Killer' Here (22 July 2014)

>>> Extra Workshops Scheduled due to Popular Demand

Meb workshop 2014
A capacity crowd at the July Melbourne Workshop
Updated 20 July 2014
Due to popular demand, Exit International will be holding a record number of Safe Exit Workshops in 2014. 
In the coming months, a workshop will be held in Darwin in mid August; Sydney late September & throughout regional Victoria & again in Melbourne in the run-up to the Victorian State Election in late November.
These workshops are in addition to scheduled meetings on the Sunshine Coast (14 August) & Adelaide (3 September).
Workshops in New Zealand will be held late January 2015.
A book tour of the US is planned for the first half of 2015.

Conference 2

>>> Exit to Hold Rational Suicide Conference in 2015

Updated 2 July 2014 

As with past conferences held by Exit (see Dementia & the Law in Sept 2008), the death of an Exit Member has sparked interest in a conference on the topic of rational suicide.  An international line-up of speakers is currently being sought. Watch this space for further updates. Come along to a conference that will challenge your ideas about when & why we die.
See Exit's press release on the recent death of Exit Member, Nigel Brayley, HERE.

>>> 35 Letters Wins Sydney Film Festival Documentary Competition

Updated 15 June 2014 

SFF Angelique
Congratulations to Janine Hosking on a stunning film and your win @ SFF 2014.
Read what the judges said about 35 Letters at the SFF Website.
Melbourne writer & Exit Member, Angelique Flowers, was 31 years old when she died awfully from a bowel obstruction.  Having been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer just months before, Angelique begged the Australian Prime Minister to change the law.  He ignored her.
35 Letters is the new feature documentary by award-winning filmmaker Janine Hosking

>>> Exit Member Rupert Ward Faces Court

Updated 29 May  2014Twitter pic
Exit member Rupert Ward is today facing the Magistrates Court in Albany WA. His crime? Allegedly possessing the euthanasia drug Nembutal.
Rupert has always said he is worried that some time down the track he may get so sick that he is unable to look after himself. A bottle of Nembutal in the cupboard makes sense as an insurance policy if things get 'too bad'.
Today's case is one of a handful of cases that the AFP together with State Police have sought to prosecute.
Dr Philip Nitschke questions why the authorities are not running around catching real criminals instead of giving grief and harassment to Senior Australians.

>>> Vote 1 VEP

Updated 20 July  2014VEP launch
With registration pending for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party in Victoria, the party is now busy responding to an objection from the Liberal Party (Victorian branch) to the party's registration.  An act of bullying & bastardy to be sure.
Supporters are welcome to join the VEP at:
Watch the website for future dates & announcements on planning meetings, candidates & more.

>>> Vale - Betty Peters OAM

Updated 31 March 2014 Betty 
On Sunday 30 March, Exit received the very sad news of the death of the wonderful Betty Peters in Melbourne.
In 2010, Betty became the face of the Helium method of self-deliverance with her popular 'Do it Yourself with Betty' film on YouTube.com (which Youtube would later ban for reasons unfathomable) which explained how to make your own plastic Exit Bag.
The following year, Betty made the first of a series of films documenting how to make a Peaceful Pill.
In 2013, Betty followed up with a final film on Max Dog Nitrogen.
Betty will be missed by everyone at Exit and by her thousands of fans around the world.
Rest in peace Betty. Betty was 82 years old.
26.4.1931 - 30.32014

    >>> PP eHandbook March 2014 Update:  Now Available

    Updated 17 March  2014Triple Test
    The March 2014 update to The Peaceful Pill eHandbook features 2 new chapters:
    • Chapter 15A - Taking your Nembutal
    • Chapter 15B - Testing your Nembutal
    The update focuses on Exit's Triple Test & includes 3 new videos documenting: the Melting Point Test, the Acid Conversion Test & the Dilution Purity Test.
    If you are over 50 years, of sound mind or seriously ill, The Peaceful Pill eHandbook provides a valuable guide.
    The Peaceful Pill eHandbook is the ONLY end-of-life choices guidebook to be updated 6x a year.

    >>> New Exit Clinic Opens in Adelaide

    Updated 13 December 2013 Clinic
    Exit has finally opened a new shopfront in the Adelaide suburb of Gilberton.
    View the ABC's 7.30 Report on the clinic HERE.
    Read the Sunday Mail's front page exclusive on the clinic HERE.
    To contact Exit re visiting the clinic, call 1300 10 3948 & leave a message.

    >>> Nitschke Autobiography to be launched in Tasmania

    Updated 14 October 2013 damned cover
    Melbourne University Press will host the Tasmanian launch of the autobiography of Exit International's Dr Philip Nitschke this week. 
    Written with Peter Corris, Damned If I Do traces Philip's remarkable life from boyhood in rural South Australia to his ground-breaking work in the right to die movement.  
    This is the revealing, personal story of the man behind the controversial pro-euthanasia movement, told in his own words. Medical doctor, humanist, author and founder/director of Exit International, Philip Nitschke's life has always been in the spotlight. - See more at: https://www.mup.com.au/items/118098#sthash.GeaJ2ZK7.dp 
    Come & hear Philip speak about Damned If I Do at Fullers Bookstore in Hobart as Parliamentary Debate on Tasmania's Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill gets underway
    Hobart Barrister, Greg Barns, will launch Damned If I Do at:
    Fullers Bookshop 131 Collins St, Hobart: Thurs 17 October @ 5pm
    All Welcome.

    >>> Jay Franklin Tells his Story to ABC 4 Corners

    Updated 16 September  2013 Jay and Bertha
    After 36 years struggling with that situation, Jay Franklin says he's had enough and he wants to end his own life.
    Because assisted suicide, or voluntary euthanasia, is illegal in Australia he is forced to apply to Switzerland to fulfil his wish.
    Jay's story raises many questions: why doesn't society allow an individual with an incurable condition the right to seek assistance to end their own life? Is it right that a person is forced to go overseas to die in this way? And why don't our political representatives deal with the issue in an open and free manner?

    Jay Franklin tells his story to ABC TV's Liz Jackson on 4 Corners

    >>> Vote 1 VEP

    Updated 20 July  2014VEP launch
    With registration pending for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party in Victoria, the party is now busy responding to an objection from the Liberal Party (Victorian branch) to the party's registration.  An act of bullying & bastardy to be sure.
    Supporters are welcome to join the VEP at:
    Watch the website for future dates & announcements on planning meetings, candidates & more.

    >>> London Workshop Attendees Battle Wierdos at Door 

    PAID Protestors Picketing
    Updated 25 June 2013
    A crowd of more than 100 elderly & seriously ill folk were forced to battle PAID black-robed, anonymous protestors representing the 'Care not Killing' Coalition to gain entry to Dragon Hall in London on Tuesday in order to attend Exit's Workshop. 
    It was only when the demonstrators were unable to engage in debate about VE with meeting attendees & the organiser was heard to shout 'ok we can leave now. Meet around the corner where we are parked for your pay and your lunches' that the truth emerged.
    Hire a crowd, hire a costume? 
    It was pretty pathetic that the group could not even muster genuine protestors.  Makes you wonder who, apart from the organiser believes the rubbish this group comes out with.

    >>> License to Kill: A New Al Jazeera Documentary

    Watch the documentary above
    Updated 20 May 2013
    Is Australia's moral compass being called into question as opinions change about euthanasia?
    101 East is Al Jazeera's weekly Asian current affairs program covering a dynamic region with diverse cultures & conflicting politics. With special reports, interviews & debates, 101 East tackles the issues that unify & divide Asia.
    View Tony Richmond's new cutting-edge documentary 'License to Kill'.
    101 East airs each week at the following times GMT:
    Thursday: 2230;
    Friday: 0930;
    Saturday: 0330;
    Sunday: 1630.

    >>> Fiji: Pacific Solution for a Peaceful Death

    Updated 28 August 2012Fiji
    In early 2011, Exit International approached the Fijian Government with a proposal to open a Dignitas-style 'Assisted Suicide' clinic in Nandi. 
    In June 2011, the Fijian Attorney General requested a detailed proposal.
    In late August 2012, Exit International gave The Age & Sydney Morning Herald newspapers exclusive access to the correspondence & the discussions to date.

    >>> The Meaning of Life according to Philip Nitschke

    Updated 13 March 2011 Philip on Compass
    Sunday night's guest on the ABC TV's flagship program Compass - Life's Big Questions with Scott Stephens - Dr Philip Nitschke, one of our most controversial Australians. Philip’s stand on voluntary euthanasia has inextricably connected him to death, and he has a lot to say about the meaning of life too.
    The show can be viewed online HERE.
    For more about Compass see http://www.abc.net.au/compass