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About Exit International

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Exit International is a leading end-of-life choices (voluntary euthanasia/ assisted suicide) information & advocacy organisation. 
Exit was founded by Dr Philip Nitschke in 1997 after the over-turning of the world's first Voluntary Euthanasia law - the Rights of the Terminally Ill (ROTI) Act.
During the ROTI Act, Dr Nitschke became the first doctor to administer a legal, lethal, voluntary injection. He has since given up full-time medical practice to become an end of life rights political activist & educator.
Exit has a small staff & is supported by an active network of volunteers worldwide.
Exit is a registered non-profit, with offices in Darwin, Adelaide and Queensland.
The average age of Exit members is 75 years.  Most of our members are well.  All believe in a person's right to make informed decisions about when & how they will die.  A significant minority of Exit members are seriously ill. 
Exit was initially known as the Voluntary Euthanasia Research Foundation (VERF). 
Exit's principal activities include:
Exit Public Meetings - public meetings are free and open to all
Public meetings focus on the political context of the Voluntary Euthanasia/ Assisted Suicide debate & the political history of  a person's right to choose.
Exit Workshops - for those aged 50 years & over or whom are seriously ill (others with valid reasons are also welcome to attend)
Exit Workshops discuss practical aspects of end-of-life choices focusing on The Peaceful Pill eHandbook.
Exit Private Visit Program - personal, private visits with Dr Philip Nitschke
Exit provides a private visit program for members too ill or frail to attend the scheduled Exit Workshop meetings
Peaceful Pill Forums - online discussion forums
The Exit Peaceful Pill forums are a new online community, exclusive on approval to Exit members & subscribers to The Peaceful Pill eHandbook (www.peacefulpill.com)
Nancy's Friends-- ongoing support & friendship with trained volunteers
Nancy's Friends provides Friends for people considering their end-of-life options.  Visits take place at the home of the person. Relationships can be tailored to meet individuals' specific needs.
Local Chapters - where members come together to discuss their thoughts & ideas
Exit's local chapters provide a contact point for friendship and information.

Exit Webinars - where local Chapters are joined by Dr Philip Nitschke via web-conferencing
Cutting through the tyranny of distance, Exit webinars enable members to have immediate & regular contact with Dr Nitschke

•  Research & Development - into various end-of-life approaches that are reliable, peaceful & dignified
Exit R&D is focused on supporting members' own endeavours in regard to Helium/ Argon/ Nitrogen flow control, drug shelf life and storage and the Peaceful Pill Project.

Political Advocacy - where we work with key, influential politicians & parties to affect legislative change
Since Exit Director, Dr Philip Nitschke, founded Exit in 1997, he has fought tirelessly for political reform & end-of-life law reform.  He has stood as an Independent candidate for the seat of Menzies twice while continuing to work with politicians around the country to promote the legislative reform agenda.

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