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May 19, 2023

Late Night Police Welfare Check Visits Update

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Following the arrest and charging of Kenneth Law in early May in Ontario Canada, for allegedly selling sodium nitrite online, countless Exit Members & PPeH Subscribers have received these startling (and frankly harassing) police visits.

The police visit under the guise of performing a ‘welfare check’.

What they are actually doing is using the late/ early hours (from 11pm to 2am) to scare the living day lights out of elderly people around the world!

Conducted under the guise of a ‘welfare check’, elderly people in a range of countries are telling Exit they have been visited late at night by their local police. Police visits in Australia, for instance, have been received a few minutes before midnight.

As we said in our last email missive, one can only presume that the late hour of these visits is intended heighten the scare factor! So much for a genuine show of concern.

Of those who have been visited, Exit is not aware of anyone who has had their sodium nitrite confiscated by the police: after all it is a lawful product to possess. There are no legal grounds for its seizure.

But be careful! If the police believe you are likely to self-harm, they may have grounds to incarcerate you.

On the other hand you may be able to talk some sense into them.

In Canberra in Australia, one especially upset elderly lady complained at her local police station following the harassment.

Exit’s Canberra matter is seeking to make the ACT Attorney General aware of what the police are up to.

2 Interesting Testimonials

Richard Smith (not his real name) writes:

Fortunately for my wife and I, we received Mr. Law’s SN prior to his arrest and his website being closed. As a result, I too received a visit from local police to “see if I was OK”, and warned that had I been suicidal, I would have be taken away in handcuffs to receive help. Some help, for the individual that actually may need it!

After some discussion with the officer, we were able to convince him that it is control over the timing of our death that we desire, and not any current desire to off ourselves. By the end of our conversation, I believe the officer was able to separate the two and believe he saw the rationality of our convictions. Nevertheless, his job is to arrest me if he believes I am in a current suicidal state.

We appreciate very much the work Exit does to place ones ‘exit’ choice in their control. It is likely to be many more years for us, but finally we rest easy believing we finally control the timing of a peaceful future death.

Susie White (not her real name) writes:

On May 3, at 2 a.m., our doorbell rang. It woke up our dogs who started barking. I said to my husband, “I had a dream that the doorbell was ringing.” And he told me it wasn’t a dream.

So we lay there for a while, preparing for an intrusion, but the doorbell didn’t ring again so we finally fell back to sleep. I’ve lived in this house for 18 years and this has never happened before.

So, the next morning I woke up and found six calls from the local police department, asking me to call them.

You can imagine my surprise when they told me someone had contacted them about doing a welfare check on me because they were worried about my welfare.

My husband was pissed; he thought they were accusing him of abuse. So as far as the police go, that was the end of it.

I must add that a few weeks before this event, I sent away for the sodium nitrite. It was a Canadian company and it arrived just fine. I keep it a secret, dry place, just in case the need should arrive.

Now that this has come to light, I must say how confident I feel that I actually have a product that I know has a long shelf life and that I can count on when I need it. Thank you, Exit, for making this information available.

I’m still trying to find Nembutal but after reading about the prices for it, I’m pretty happy with the product I have. What I do with my body is my own business. Subject closed.

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