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Exit International Charter

Exit International believes that access to the best end of life information is as important as legislative change in providing choice at the end of life.Tweed Heads 1209
As such Exit's long term goal is responsible and ethical law reform.  The Swiss model of decriminalising assisted suicide is the preferred model.
However, at Exit we also encourage our members to be prepared for the future.  Exit members tell us they want information so they can deal with the contingencies that may lie around the next corner.  Others want to be prepared because they don't want to die in a nursing home.
Exit's short term goal is the provision of accurate and concise end-of life choices information.  The provision of this information empowers our members to make  informed end-of-life decisions, if and when the need may arise.
Exit encourages  members to develop an end-of-life plan (similar to a funeral plan) as an insurance policy for the future.  Planning for the future also helps loved ones avoid coming into conflict with the law.
Ending one's life in the context of suffering and illness is legal.  Assisting a loved one to die is illegal, and is likely to attract strong penalties in most jurisdictions in the western world.