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February 29, 2024

Thank you for the information & help you gave both my parents …

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Exit often receives notes of thanks from grateful Exit members and their families. We thought we would share one very moving and touching letter on the website. This note of grace in dying (& thanks) is published with full permission of its author.

2 February 2024

Dear Dr Nitschke,

I’m writing to thank you for the information and help you gave both my parents.

My father , Gerard van Ommen , Exit supporter no 16187 peacefully ended his life in 2018.

He had lived a wonderful, full life and wanted to go when he felt his quality of living was diminished significantly.

Mum and Dad had successfully brought Nembutal back from Mexico, I’m guessing around 2010.

In fact when dad drank his bottle it had passed its use by date by 6 years but it worked perfectly.

Mum was with Dad at the time of his passing and she said it was peaceful, without any pain or suffering and the process only took 5 mins.

Dad’s planned death meant that he could finalise his affairs , say goodbye to all his loved ones and die before loss of all his basic bodily functions and his dignity.

This is what my dad wanted.

August 2023 my mother, Johanna van Ommen nearly 95 year old was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer.

She battled on for 6 weeks with chemotherapy treatment, but developed a chest infection.

She told me she had battled enough and didn’t want to see herself going further down hill.

Her body weight was very light and she was sick of pushing herself to eat, when food no longer had any taste.

Mum was able to also plan her passing and say goodbye to all her loved ones.

She had no concerns about taking Nembutal as she said she saw how easy it was for dad.

Both my parents got to die with incredible dignity and without pain or suffering.

Planning their death meant they could finalise their affairs and say good bye to all.

My parents decision also limited the trauma experienced by their children and grandchildren.

In fact, their example is an inspiration to my family and friends.

Thank you so much for helping people such as my parents.


Tania van Ommen

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