Sarco Opens in New Exhibition

Sarco Opens in New Exhibition

Sarco is now on display in a new exhibition at the Museum for Sepulchral Culture in Kassel Germany until February 2022.

The Museum for Sepulchral Culture is the only independent institution committed exclusively to cultural and scientific standards that deals with the entire spectrum of the so-called ‘Last Things’, and dedicated to the issues of dying, death, burial, mourning and remembrance.

The mission statement of the Musuem is that ‘through enlightenment, consultation and mediation’ in exhibitions etc.there is ‘the opportunity for a conscious examination of death’.

The Exhibition is titled – Suizid: Let’s talk about it

Of this Exhibition, the Museum says:

Suicide and suicidality are common, but kept silent and stigmatized topics in society. The exhibition presents information, suggestions, challenges and opportunities that reflect a social and personal approach to suicide. With a view to the history of art and culture, humanities and social sciences, and medicine, but above all to the here and now, our goal is to promote public communication on suicide