Open End 2 – Geneva 2022

Open End 2 – Geneva 2022

In March 2022, Sarco was invited to exhibit as part of the Open End 2 Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.

Held at the Cimetiere des Rois (cemetary of the kings, established in 1482 for those who died from the plague), Open End seeks to provoke discussion about ‘the flaws of human nature, between avarice and anxiety about finitude, sometimes opening up new sustainable horizons, progress is also the field of all possibilities’.

The theme of Open End 2 concerns the confrontation between energy-intensive technologies and the collapse of resources, and chooses the dual theme of immortality and the environment.

At the heart of the race towards modernity, contradictory movements collide. Huge investments are feeding the new ultra-technological sectors, capable of both the best and the worst.

It is clear why Sarco – with its futuristic, forward-looking aesthetic – has been invited for exhibition.

The exhibition opens to the public on Friday 16 September and will run until 31 January 2023.

Further details (in French) at OpenEnd2