Frequently Asked Questions

The Sarco is not and will not at this point be for sale. The plans will in due course be published in The Peaceful Pill eHandbook. It will be up to the individual concerned to source a 3D printer and the requisite liquid nitrogen.
The cost of Sarco will depend on what is charged by the 3D print shop. In March 2018 it was reported on CNBC that a car can now be printed for around US$7500. This gives some indication of current costs at least.
Most office stores now offer small-scale 3D printing. There are also many cheap models you can buy for home use. However, this is a fast-changing field and it is easy to envisage that 3D print shops which print large-scale (required for Sarco) are not far off. When the technology becomes available, these stores will be everywhere and the cost will drop significantly.
Sarco will be able to be printed from a range of materials, including a biodegradable wood amalgam.
Liquid nitrogen is generally available from welding and gas supplies.
The Sarco aims to provide a happy hypoxic death. Hypoxia means low oxygen. This is the same as when a plane depressurizes. The experience of being in a low oxygen environment can be intoxicating. Just ask scuba divers!
The detailed technical specifications and plans will only be available to subscribers to The Peaceful Pill eHandbook. All purchasers of the eHandbook have their ID vetted. A second safeguard is the AI (artificial intelligence) mental capacity test that will be incorporated into the design and use of Sarco. Sarco will only be able to be operated by the person who is actually inside the capsule. There is also an escape hatch for any last minute change of mind. And the doors are easily open-able from the inside. There is no door lock. To gain entry to Sarco, the person will need a code. This code will only be issued after the person has completed an online mental capacity test showing that they understand what they are doing, why they are doing and the consequences of their actions. Failure to complete the test will result in the non-issuance of the essential code. Besides, a Sarco will never lend itself to rash, impulsive action. While 3D printing will surely become faster as the technology improves, it will never be fast. Use of a Sarco will require significant planning ahead. This will serve to protect the vulnerable from acting irrationally. If you are reading this page and need counselling, you can contact:
  • USA: National Suicide Prevention Hotline on 1 800 273 8255
  • UK: The Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90
  • NL: Zelfmoordpreventie 113-onlinetel of 0900 0113 of www.113.nl
  • Australia: Lifeline on 13 11 14


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