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In the early part of the past decade, Exit focused much of its research on the use of the gas carbon monoxide as a means of obtaining a peaceful death.

Exit research & development in this area led to the ‘CoGen’; a device that generates carbon monoxide (CO).

Like the ‘Deliverance Machine’ before it, the CoGen is loosely based on the research work of Jack Kevorkian. Dr Kevorkian advocated the use of carbon monoxide, although he never created a device that would generate it. According to the fan club web site of Kevorkian’s high profile lawyer, Geoffrey Fieger, Dr Kevorkian sourced carbon monoxide from pre-purchased cylinders. The patient then had to only connect a simple gas mask to a cylinder via plastic tubing and turn the gas supply on.

Dr Kevorkian found that carbon monoxide caused a peaceful death in about ten minutes, and was used by about half of the reported 130 patients he helped to die.

Exit’s version of such a machine the CoGen is different in that it actually manufactures the monoxide itself. This avoids the not insignificant difficulty of finding a supplier of the gas.

The first CoGen was built in Darwin in late 2002. Since this time the design of the CoGen has been consistently improved by Exit members.