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May 10, 2018

Professor David Goodall’s Last Day

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Final Day Press Release

Professor David Goodall travelled to the Life Circle/ Eternal Spirit Foundation this morning for his final appointment.

David was accompanied at the appointment by his grandchildren and Eternal Spirit staff.

David Goodall final breakfast

Dr Philip Nitschke, Professor David Goodall, Carol O’Neil

As he elected to receive a lethal injection, Dr Christian Weber administer a cannula to David’s arm. David turned the wheel to allow the solution to flow.

David fell asleep within a few minutes and died a short time afterwards at around 12.30pm.

Dr Philip Nitschke was present at David’s death and was proud to have been appointed ‘music director’.

David’s chosen music was the Ode to Joy of Beethoven’s 9th symphony. According to Dr Nitschke, David died at the moment the Song (sung in German) concluded.

Speaking of Professor Goodall’s death, Philip said he was extremely sad to lose such a ‘inspiring man of science’.

‘David Goodall is exactly the sort of member that Exit is made of and is proud of’.

‘It was a wonderful experience to know him and be so intimately involved in his final weeks of life. Especially after David’s 20 odd years of membership of Exit International’.


David Goodall in his final appointment with his family

David Goodall completes the paperwork in his final appointment surrounded by his family

David has requested that his body be donated to medicine and, if not, that his ashes be sprinkled locally. He wishes to have no funeral, no remembrance service or ceremony. David has no belief in the afterlife.

Inquiries: Dr Philip Nitschke +41 79 788 94 93 or +31 6309 66992

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