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May 26, 2024

Physically healthy woman, 28, dies by euthanasia over ‘crippling depression’

The Mirror

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A physically fit woman has tragically ended her life through scheduled euthanasia due to severe depression.

Zoraya ter Beek, 28, resided in a quaint village in the Netherlands near the German border and chose to end her life via assisted suicide. Zoraya, who lived with her partner and two cats, opened up to local Dutch media about her ongoing battle with mental health, which eventually led to depression in her adult life.

Despite once harbouring dreams of training as a psychiatrist to aid others, ter Beek arranged her own death through assisted suicide after medical professionals reportedly informed her that there were no further options to alleviate her distressed mental state. She passed away at 1:25pm local time on May 22, just 20 days after her 28th birthday, with the assistance of the Euthanasia Expertise Centre, as revealed in a blog post by a friend.

The friend went on to pay a heartfelt tribute to ter Beek, stating: “She was granted euthanasia on the basis of psychological suffering.

She was on the waiting list of the Euthanasia Expertise Center for more than 2.5 years and the process that followed also lasted more than six months. I got to know Zoraya before she started the process. And a beautiful friendship was born.”

“We not only shared our death wish, the struggle to want and be able to stay alive. We shared so much more. So many nice and fun things. So often that we encouraged each other.

Often full of humour. Because humour made everything lighter for us. It’s a good thing others couldn’t read along. Because if there was one thing we loved, it was pitch-black humour.”,

“But also think along with each other, motivate and enjoy the beautiful moments of life. Because it is a big misunderstanding that if you live with a death wish you will never be able to enjoy anything again. Or that you don’t like anything anymore. No, there were also nice things for Zoraya.”

“Zoraya worked tirelessly to ensure a correct image of euthanasia in cases of psychological suffering. Because we both understand that, fortunately, it is incomprehensible to so many people that if you have everything in mind, nice partner, nice house, dear friends, etc, you cannot live life. No matter how much you want it. And whatever you do to make that possible. “”.

Before her death, Zoraya explained: “I was always very clear that if it doesn’t get better, I can’t do this anymore’ …

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