NuTech 2020


If you did not register for NuTech2020 prior to the conference on 26 September, it’s not too late to purchase a ticket.

Tickets entitle the purchaser to watch the full online recording of the conference together with the special additional segment featuring Dutch physician and euthanasia commentator, Bert Keizer (conference recording duration: 5h 20 min.).

Need to Know 

People who registered for NuTech 2020 prior to the live event, can access the recording without further charge.

All purchases will be subject to sales tax where applicable.

Please note, all proceedings will go towards the funding of future NuTech conferences.


NuTech 2020 was held via Livestream on Saturday 26 September 2020.

The Theme of this year’s Conference is: ‘The Dementia Dilemma – is the Answer Technological?’

NuTech (New Technologies in Self-Deliverance) is a loose group of representatives from right to die groups around the world who are interested in, and working on, the development of DIY methodologies that enable a peaceful, reliable (and non-medical) death, at a time of one’s choosing.

NuTech’s philosophy has been to acknowledge the importance of technology and technical developments in the creation of better, more effective and peaceful ways for a person – in the context of old age or illness – to take control of the end of their life.
NuTech holds conferences every other year both online and face-to-face.