Final Exit DIY Workshop 2022

Perth, West Australia

The final Australian Exit Workshop for 2022 will be held at the Boulevard Centre in Perth @ 11.30am, Thursday 15 December.

Note - this is a Covid Safe Meeting with social distancing & masks!


a) How to ensure the West Aust Law works for you
b) Options when you 'fall through the cracks' (eg. Prof David Goodall)
c) Practical options to take control of your life & death

The main topics of the Workshop are the '3Ns', so come along & find out more.


2023 Workshop Dates are at the: Exit Website
Phone: 1300 10 3948
Email: contact@exitinternational.net

January 2023 PPeH Update

The Essentials

The January 2023 update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials will provide a step-by-step guide to professional laboratory Nembutal testing in Spain.

The Essentials already provides information about extracting samples but, on the basis of reader feedback, problems have been encountered with how to actually submit the sample for analysis.

The January Update explains the process in easy-to-understand, basic steps.

This update is particularly timely given the re-established availabilty of Nembutal from/ in Mexico.

Current Subscribers to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook are reminded that they need to transfer to The Essentials edition to continue receiving updates.

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Belgian Euthanasia Rates Recover

to Pre-Pandemic Level

The annual report of the Belgium Euthanasia Commission (Federale Controle- en Evaluatiecommissie) has shown that voluntary euthanasia rates during the Covid pandemic took a significant nose dive, with significantly fewer people receiving euthanasia than in the years 2019 and 2021.

Of note in the new Report is that:
  • 67% of people were older than 70, with 39% older than 80
  • 63.4% had cancer
  • In 85% of all cases, the person was terminally ill
  • More than half (54.3%) of the euthanasia deaths took place at home
  • Around one third (30.4%) of the euthanasia deaths took place in hospitals and palliative units
The report provides no explanation for the reasons why the number of elected deaths was lower during the pandemic.

Possible sociological explanations include:
  • Impact of greater isolating by vulnerable groups (eg. elderly/ seriously ill)
  • Less inclination to access medical care
  • Less availability of doctors for the approval process & possibly for home visits
  • Suspended health care of all kinds
Read the main findings of the report on the Exit Website
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Available from Exit Online Store

Exit Director, Professor Sean Davison's, new book - The Price of Mercy - is now available at the Exit Online Book Store.

Named 'thriller of the year' by Philip Nitschke, The Price of Mercy is a rollicking ride of how to break the law and get away with it ... so to speak.


It reads as part crime thriller, part confessional & part political expose of the powers of the post-apartheid political system of South Africa.

Sean Davison should have been sentenced to 3 life sentences for the 3 pre-medicated murders of: Anrich Burger, Justin Varian & Richard Holland.

Instead, via a plea deal, he served 3 years home detention.

The Price of Mercy gives readers the inside story of how it feels to help 3 rational, well informed individuals to die, and what it is like to pay the consequences for 'doing the right thing'.

To read The Price of Mercy is to become aware of how good deeds can turn bad, through little fault of one's own. And how one can move on.

The Price of Mercy AUD$25 + shipping.

The Price of Mercy ships from Australia.


Dr Phil in 30 Seconds

The Dr Phil Show has very kindly provided Exit International with an extract of the other Dr Phil (Philip Nitschke's participation).

The full length program can be viewed HERE
The extracts in brief can be viewed HERE

More information about the Show can be found on the Exit Website
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