The Price of Mercy
Sean Davison

$ 25.00

Written in compelling detail, The Price of Mercy tracks the extraordinary journey that Davison embarks on to prepare for the gruelling legal challenge that lies ahead.

The desperate cries of many, begging for his assistance to help end their lives of suffering haunt him.

Unwavering in his belief that we all have the right to die with dignity, Davison’s selfless battle is made more bearable by his friendship with the late and great Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The Price of Mercy will change the way you see death.



This book dabbles in how that act of mercy-killing snowballed into unflattering celebrity status, with incidents of death threats.

In many countries, South Africa included, mercy-inspired assisted death is murder. Davison has at least three murders on the charge sheet he must answer to and they all carry a life sentence.

In the eyes of the law, and to many who are ambivalent about their loved ones’ humiliation (with no agency to end their misery), Davison, and his organization DignitySA, are villains.

In all that, Davison manages to paint a rare community of mostly white people who had a good life before terminal illness hit and wish to die with some semblance of dignity. On this score, his cause and rare activism are compelling.

He closes the book with this movingly selfless attitude: “The death of my mother opened a whole new world of suffering … I have had to deal with constant requests for assistance to die … [such that] the thought of being free of the pain and anxiety, even while imprisoned, has a certain sense of liberation.”