New 'Going to Switzerland' Book

How to Plan your Final Exit

This week Exit International has published a new book to help our members learn how to apply for, and what to expect before, during and after an assisted death in Switzerland.

Going to Switzerland: How to Plan your Final Exit discusses everything you need to know about going to Switzerland to die.

This new ONLINE book explains the bureaucracy, the differences between the clinics, assessment pitfalls in terms of dementia/Alzheimer's, the green light process, couples going together, and those valuable discussions of plans with friends and family.

Going to Switzerland is sold as a 24-month subscription with no age or ID restrictions and will be continually updated.

Subscription Rates

$40 - Exit members & PPeH Subscribers
$60 - Public

See ExitSwitzerland.com for more information
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A print version of the book is forthcoming.

David Swanton's New Blog

Like many places around the world, Seniors who live in Canberra Australia have been subject to late night police visits, undertaken under the guise of 'welfare checks'.

This week's blog by Dr David Swanton, Exit International ACT Coordinator, calls out the Police's tactics, arguing instead that the visits were 'devious' in intent, and 'designed to unsettle vulnerable people'.

All of those visited were suspected by the authorities of having acquired sodium nitrite, a perfectly legal substance with no restrictions on purchase or possession.

Dr Swanton asks rhetorically if elderly Canberrans will continue to need to purchase such substances if and when VAD legislation is introduced.

He argues 'not', if the ACT legislature 'enacts an effective, compassionate, and non-discriminatory VAD legislative system based on a VAD human rights model that empowers each person to determine what is right for their own body. Otherwise, they will'.

Exit could not agree more.

Read David's article in full on the Peaceful Pill website

2023 Dublin Workshop

Exit International will be holding a workshop in Dublin on 11 October. Registrations for both the Dublin meeting (& London on 6 September) are now open.

Exit workshops are based on the Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials. These workshops shall focus on the 3Ns: Nitrogen, Nembutal & Nitrite.

Note - the Dublin workshop will be preceded by a free, open public meeting to discuss the current state of play of assisted dying law in the Republic of Ireland.

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