A Friend in Need is a Friend ...

It has recently become apparent that Exit Members who go to Switzerland appreciate a helping hand.

Our work in supporting our Members' Swiss applications extends far beyond the official duty of identifying the person to the authorities after they are gone.

Rather, our role is more about being a friendly ear and a supportive shoulder: not only for those who are leaving but, more often than not, for those who are left behind.

This is why we are replacing the Exit ID Service with the new Exit Swiss Friend Assistance Program.

Note - the Application Assistance Program remains unchanged.

An Exit Friend can:
  • Meet you at the airport on your arrival & stay by your side until you 'depart'
  • Help you with your hotel stay, eating out & getting around
  • Be with you when you receive the clinic doctor for the final assessment
  • Help you to tick-off your bucket-list (if there are last things you’d like to see/ do)
  • Travel with you to the clinic on the day & be with you in your final hours
  • ID you to the authorities after you are gone (this way you may not need to provide dental records)
  • Organise for your personal belongings to be returned to your family/ friends after you are gone
  • Phone/ email your family/ friends to let them know how it all went
Both the Peaceful Pill eHandbook and Going to Switzerland books have now been updated.

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To find out more/ apply please visit: Exitswitzerland.com

Public Prosecutor Seeks Jail for Activists

The Dutch Public Prosecutor made history last week, seeking jail terms (6-30 months) for six former members of the DIY, end of life activist group, CLW (Coöperatie Laatste Wil) over the distribution of Middel X (sodium azide).

The prosecutor argued that jail was required because of what he called, the ‘profound idealism’ of those involved.

He argued in court that the defendants, all over 70, believed so much in end-of-life self-determination that they had ‘become blind to the reprehensibility of their modus operandi.'

Middel X, it was argued, was covertly and - for all intents and purposes - made available at so-called living room conversations.

In response CLW say: 'In the Netherlands, you have the freedom to arrange a lot yourself: who you marry, where you live ... You can even decide down to the euro cent what happens to your money when you die. But you don't get to decide your own death.'

'We are currently involved in court cases that mainly show how outdated the current legislation around assisted suicide is ...

Read more on the Exit Website

In Conversation with Tom Curran

This week, Exit's Ireland Director, Tom Curran, has been guest of honour on the Podcast of Irish football legend, Richie Sadlier.

The Podcast is especially poignant as Richie delved into the personal side of Tom's story of living with, and caring for, his late partner, Marie Fleming.

This is a moving podcast as Tom relives both the good and bad times, including the abuse he received in the street at the time, and how it became his life's mission to protect Marie from ever knowing about this.

The Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

Marie's book An Act of Love is available on the Exit Website

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London Workshop Topics
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  • Nembutal Changes
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