Trial Starts Monday

Tomorrow, 7 members of the Last Will Cooperative (CLW) will stand trial in a Dutch court charged with participating in a criminal organisation (with each other) and supplying a substance (Middel X) to enable their members the right to take their own lives, in their own time and at a time of their choosing.

The prosecution is highly political. The aim of CLW has long been to push the law to enable rational Dutch adults to have the right to suicide, without medical oversight.

Pitched as a fundamental human right (Exit fully supports this stand point) by CLW, the Dutch parliament has been especially slow to legislate on the issue of completed life.

The draft bill that is currently under consideration in the parliament has been repeatedly walked back.

At the current time it is so replete with 'safeguards' that it has lost all meaning and purpose.

The members of CLW have had enough.

The trial will be live-streamed (unfortunately only in Dutch).

Exit will report on developments on X @philipnitschke

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Hit Job on Zoraya ter Beek - New Blog

Exit's most recent BLOG addresses the way in which The Free Press website did a hit job on 28-year old Dutch woman, Zoraya ter Beek.

Zoraya trusted The Free Press website to tell her story of why she plans to die in May, after suffering for years from crippling mental illness.

Our BLOG attempts to unpick what went wrong and how a story that should have expanded the public discourse on assisted suicide for the mentally ill.

Instead, they sensationalised the issue & missed the main point, damaging Zoraya's image & reputation in the process.

Despite fighting back on social media, Zoraya ter Beek has now gone down in history as the girl who made suicide contagious.

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Masks vs Bags vs Sarco

The April 2024 PPeH Update features new video footage which was recorded LIVE at Exit's Sydney Workshop in February.

Watch Philip explain the fundamental difference when using nitrogen hypoxia in voluntary vs non-voluntary dying. And why the use of facemasks remains intensely problematic.

Philip also discusses why he believes that Nitrogen remains one of the most important means for a peaceful & reliable death, especially in the context of the Sarco capsule.

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