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ADMD Go Rogue!

Is this truly the French way?

First, the former President of ADMD (right to die France) Jean Luc Romero, does an about turn calling for a human rights model (vis a vis medical model) of assisted suicide to be introduced in France (in response to Macron's increasingly weak stance on the issue).

Calling the Macron proposal "neither a right nor a freedom" and "still a medical matter, with doctors who decide", Romero denounced this "medicalisation" that gives "all power to the doctors".

Next, the youth wing of ADMD goes rogue with a tacky advertisement featuring the car crash that killed Princess Di.

This week, the kids at ADMD ran an image of the Princess Di car crash along with the text that the Princess was not able to choose how she died so the good citizens of France should be able to choose.

Shock advertising expert, Christine Pflaumbaum, says that 'shock advertising
challenges taboos to achieve reactions of astonishment and disgust' with their 'controversial images ... [aimed at] a jaded, distrustful and de-sensitised audience'.

She is not far wrong there.

We have to say that while Exit finds the logic behind the campaign a little difficult, what should our reaction be?

Good on them for trying? Congratulations on the campaign (since withdrawn) ... after all we are all talking about it?

Read the Media Coverage & see the full advertisement on the Peaceful Pill Website

UK Families Kept Apart ... Again

Sometimes the law can have unintended consequences.

The area of assisted suicide is one such area.

This week, the death of Scottish Solicitor, Bruce de Wert (also an Exit Member) was reported in the media.

Bruce, like hundreds before him, went to Switzerland to die.

However, unlike many others, he left his family behind in Scotland and travelled alone.

His concern was that they may be prosecuted upon their return, had they accompanied him. Thank you Keir Starmer!

And they maybe be struck by the forfeiture rule which rules that no one who helps with an assisted suicide (ie. accompanies someone to Switzerland) can inherit from that person's estate.

Exit has penned a new Blog on the Starmer Assisted Suicide Guidelines & the Forfeiture Rule.

All this in a week where Starmer (now leader of the UK Labour Party) says that he wants to see assisted suicide legalised 'by the end of the decade'.

On this issue it would seem that the Poms have good grounds to whinge ...

Tired of Life Bill Gets No Support from GPs

Even in the Netherlands, that bastion of liberalism and cooperation, where voluntary euthanasia has been legal for over 20 years, the doctors are refusing to give ground.

This week, KNMG (the Dutch doctors association) has come out against the latest 'tired of life' bill that will be presented to (what remains of) the Dutch Parliament.

Despite a tightening of criteria (you must be over 75 years and undergo at least 6 months of end of life counselling in order to get help from a doctor to die) they say they still have concerns.

Indeed the doctors have so many concerns that they say they cannot support the introduction of the bill.

Read the full story on the Exit Website
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