Calling All Swiss Supporters

The Sarco Collective Needs You

With the use of the Sarco now imminent the time has come to activate our new Swiss association.

We are, therefore, calling all Swiss Supporters to get involved.

We are calling for expressions of interest for Committee Members (but only if you are Swiss – a stipulation of Swiss law).

We are also calling for expressions of interest to join our new global Sarco Collective Advisory Board (board members can come from any nation on planet earth).

The Sarco Collective* needs you, so now is the time to step up.


* ‘The Sarco Collective’ is the group that is sponsoring the forthcoming use of the 3D-printed Sarco capsule in Switzerland.

See Sarco.design

Exit 2024 London Workshop

The next Exit Workshop will be held at Dragon Hall in London on Saturday 11 May, from 1 - 4pm. The Theme is 'Old Age Rational Suicide'.

Registrations are now open

The London Workshop will build on the topics of last week's Australian meetings and include:
  • Nitrogen Hypoxia & that Alabama Execution
  • Nitrite Salts & the Trial of Kenneth Law
  • The Sarco Project & the different methods/ outcomes of a hypoxic death
  • Going to Switzerland: How to Plan your Final Exit
MORE about Exit Workshops

Exit Workshops are free for Exit Members (not yet a Member? Join today)
Age restrictions apply.
Photo ID may be required.
Afternoon tea will be served.

Venue: Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley St, Holborn WC2B 5LT

The Luck of the Draw?

Last week, former Dutch Prime Minister, Dries van Agt died at his home in Nijmegen.
His wife Eugenie died alongside him.

Their deaths have sparked significant international media coverage, making much mention of the fact that they died holding hands. Both were 93 years. Both were very ill.

Despite much of the reporting, the chances of a couple being able to get voluntary euthanasia in order to go together remains very low, even in the Netherlands.

Unlike in Switzerland where help to die is a human right, in the Netherlands getting euthanasia is a medical privilege reserved for the very sick and suffering.

The van Agt’s got lucky. They both got sick (enough) at the same time in order to get lawful help to die.

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Aussie Summer 2024 Tour Report

Last week Exit held three workshops in as many cities in the space of the week. Capacity crowds filled all venues in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast.

From an Exit perspective it was great to be back amongst members and to be able to share important new information about nitrogen and nitrite. Sadly Nembutal supply remains difficult unless one fancies a trip to South America where it is widely available over-the-counter in certain countries.

It was also terrific to be able to discuss updates to the imminent Sarco project and how similar Sarco projects should be able to be initiated in Australia in the coming 12 months once the proof of concept is fulfilled in Switzerland.

Exit thanks all members for their support and looks forward to the second stage of the Aussie tour later in 2024 which will include the cities of Canberra, Adelaide, Perth (and possibly Darwin).

February 2024 Update

The January / February 2024 Update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials, examines:
  • what went wrong with the Smith execution
  • why a hypoxic death demands cooperation
  • why an Exit Bag or an enclosure such as the Sarco is far preferable to a face mask.
We also discuss the differences between a voluntary and a non-voluntary death. Practice and technique are this difference. With a willing participant, nitrogen hypoxia can provide a peaceful, quick and reliable death.

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Dying in Switzerland

Since launching in mid 2023, Exit's Swiss Program has proven enormously popular with Sean Davison run off his feet to such an extent that is now assisted by the delightful Cordula.

A highly experienced allied health professional, Cordula (who is also Swiss) is expertly placed to advise those seeking an assisted death in Switzerland.

Exit is delighted to welcome her as part of our multi-disciplinary team.

Going to Switzerland: how to plan your final exit is published in both digital and print formats.

Thanks to our brilliant team of translators, Going to Switzerland is also published by Exit is five languages: Dutch, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

More Information can be found at www.ExitSwitzerland.com
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