Rob and Russell

Captain Robert Cane dies peacefully ...

Exit can report that Captain Rob Cane died peacefully in Switzerland at around 11.30am local time on Tuesday 16 January.

Rob's final week in Switzerland was filled with laughter & tears. From collapsing from a faint (or stroke) in a crowded local restaurant, to rallying for a final night party with close friends, Rob was exceedingly grateful to make it through to his big day 'still alive' (as ironic as that sounds).

Rob was chuffed by all the well wishes he received (the vast majority of which were read to him). Exit would like to publish these in due course. We also have extensive video footage of his trip from Melbourne to Switzerland which will become a documentary film.

Rob's journey and final week had many take home lessons. We will cover the 'Captain Rob Cane Story' in the February edition of Exit's Deliverance Newsletter and it will form the basis of the forthcoming February Australian workshop tour. Watch this space.

View Rob's Farewell Short Film

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Australian Summer 2024 Tour


Melbourne - Monday, 5 February @ 11am-4pm, South Yarra Library
Sydney -Wednesday, 7 February @ 11am-4pm, Rex Centre, Potts Point
Gold Coast - Friday 9 February @ 11am-4pm, Robina Community Centre

The Theme of the Workshop Tour is: Lessons from the Captain Rob Cane Story

Exit workshops focus on the creation of an end of life plan that can be put in place: as an insurance policy for the future. The importance of having something in the cupboard, in case it is ever needed. Topics include: Nitrogen, Nitrite & Nembutal.

Exit Workshops are free for Exit Members.
$110 Public (inc GST)
Age restrictions apply. Photo ID is required.


Nitrogen Update - Coming Soon

In the coming week, Exit will publish the January 2024 update on death by nitrogen hypoxia in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials.

As many will be aware, Philip has recently appeared as an expert witness in an attempt to stop the intended forthcoming execution in Alabama USA of inmate Kenny Smith.

The State of Alabama plans to pump nitrogen gas into a face mask.

While the Sarco capsule also relies on nitrogen hypoxia to provide a peaceful elective death, the two methods differ significantly.

The January 2024 Update will explain why.

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