Nitrogen Execution

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In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Exit Director Dr Philip Nitschke, flew to Alabama in the US to appear as an expert witness to try to stop the planned execution of Kenny Eugene Smith using nitrogen hypoxia.

Smith's execution is planned for 25 January 2024.

The planned method of execution is nitrogen hypoxia. However, Smith will not use a plastic exit bag (or hood). Rather, he will have a macabre mask strapped to his head.

Exit has long advised against the use of face masks for a peaceful, reliable and elective hypoxic death.

Our stance has not changed!

Read Philip Nitschke's new Blog about his visit to America's deep South, his meeting with Kenny and his opinion of the mask that will be used.

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Aussie Summer 2024 Tour

Exit will hold 'Old Age Rational Suicide' Workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast, commencing 5 February 2024.

Registrations are OPEN

Melbourne - Monday, 5 February @ 11am-4pm, South Yarra Library

Sydney -Wednesday, 7 February @ 11am-4pm, Rex Centre, Potts Point

Gold Coast - Friday 9 February @ 11am-4pm, Robina Community Centre

The Theme of the Workshop Tour is Old Age Rational Suicide

Old age falls outside the tight medical requirements of all of Australia's VAD laws. As such, there is no way to get help to die if you suffer from all those little things that come with old age. Poly-pathologies are a long way from being accepted as legitimate grounds for assistance to die in Australia.

Exit workshops will focus on the creation of an end of life plan that can be put in place: as an insurance policy for the future. The importance of having something in the cupboard, in case it is ever needed.

Exit Workshops are free for Exit Members.
$110 Public (inc GST)
Age restrictions apply. Photo ID is required.


Nitrogen Hypoxia PPeH Update - Coming Soon

Despite being prevented by the Court from disclosing details of the mask that is intended to be used in the planned execution of Kenny Smith in Alabama, I am still able to report on the plans for execution by the State of Alabama.

Nitrogen Hypoxia is the topic of the forthcoming January 2024 update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials.

The Update will be available prior to the Australian Workshop tour which commences 5 February 204.

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