Police Lay Double Charges on Kenneth Law

Just as The Sunday Times in England label the former chef and sodium nitrite seller, Ken Law, the 'Poison King' so the authorities in Peel in Ontario, Canada have doubled his criminal charges.

Until this week Ken had been charged with 14 counts of assisted suicide. The Police have now laid an additional 14 charges of '2nd degree murder' in relation to the same 14 victims.

It is unclear if these charges exist over and above the initial charges, or if they are charges 'in the alternative'.

For those not versed in criminal law, a 2nd degree murder charge can be laid where the conduct of the accused can be argued to have been so reckless that it lacked concern for human life or the high risk of death.

However, without further details, it is hard to know exactly where the Police are headed.

What is certain, is that this is likely to be one of the most fascinating of legal trials as the prosecution builds its case against Law, and as Ken seeks to defend himself.

Press reports say that he is (currently) pleading 'not guilty' to all charges.

Exit Founder, Philip Nitschke was quoted in today's Times article stating:

'To many of our members he was something of a hero ... our members obtained it, the cost was reasonable and many used it to end their lives and they are very grateful he existed.'

Read the full Times reporting on the Exit Website & other recent related press in our News Archive.

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