Aussie Summer 2024 Tour

Old Age Rational Suicide

Exit is pleased to announce the first of two planned workshop tours of Australia in 2024. The first Workshops for the year will be held in early February in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland's Gold Coast.


Monday, 5 February @ 11am-4pm
South Yarra Library

Wednesday, 7 February @ 11am-4pm
Rex Centre, Potts Point

Gold Coast
Friday 9 February @ 11am-4pm
Robina Community Centre

The Theme of the Workshop Tour is Old Age Rational Suicide

Old age falls outside the tight medical requirements of all of Australia's VAD laws. As such, there is no way to get help to die if you suffer from all those little things that come with old age. Polypathologies are a long way from being accepted as legitimate grounds to die in Australia.

The Australian legal context is rigidly focused on terminal illness as qualifying criteria, rather than one's overall quality of life.

Exit workshops will focus on the creation of an end of life plan that can be put in place: as an insurance policy for the future. The importance of having something in the cupboard, in case it is ever needed.

Exit Workshops are free for Exit Members.
$110 Public (inc GST)

Age restrictions apply. Photo ID is required.


'Assisted Dying' = Suicide

Federal Court Ruling

Last week, the Federal Court of Australia ruled that ‘assisted dying’ is the same as ‘suicide’!

No surprises there (although we suspect that there are plenty of ‘voluntary assisted dying’ groups will be upset at this revelation) …

The action was brought by Victorian doctor Nick Carr who wanted to have the term voluntary assisted dying (VAD) semantically separated from ‘suicide’, so he could undertake online consultations with those wanting to use the Victorian VAD law.

The Court ruled that because VAD is actually suicide, the ipso facto is that ‘even’ doctors cannot discuss end of life issues with their patients.

There is no free speech in Australia, nor is there a right to privacy.

This week's Blog provides the backstory to this unique Australian conundrum.

Exit Publications

As we close out 2023, we are proud to say that our book Going to Switzerland is now available in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Dutch languages.

A huge shout-out to our brilliant translators and to our designer/ translator 'extraordinaire' - Matteo - for his diligence, perseverance and tenacity in the logistics required for multilingual editions of this nature.

Thank you goes out to Hans, Casilda, Guylene and Matteo.

Exit now publishes two End of Life choices books (Peaceful Pill Handook & Going to Switzerland) in six languages.

No one else has been crazy enough to take on such a challenge!

Did we mention that most editions are available in both online and print formats?

Visit www.peacefulpill.com to order and for more information.

November 23 eDeliverance - Now Available

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  • New Book: Going to Switzerland: how to Plan your Final Exit
  • Dutch Newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’ - Profile on Philip Nitschke
  • Guest Exitorial
  • Report from Ireland & the Joint Committee
  • Backstory to the Australian Federal Court Ruling: VAD Equals Suicide
  • Sarco Update
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