New Exit Podcast - We are Back!

After a two month break, Exit Podcasts are back!

The August Podcast is on The Azide Wars - as written about by Philip Nitschke in his August blog on the Peaceful Pill website and as published in the August update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

Why is it that Middel X has become the topic of such fervent disagreement in the Netherlands?

Does the Dutch Medical Association seriously think Middel X does NOT provide a peaceful / reliable death.

Or is something more at stake?

Namely, that the medical establishment will never accept a means of peaceful dying that does not have the imprimatur of the medical profession, no matter how good it is, or how legal.

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Next Exit Snippet - Wednesday, 1 September

The September Exit Snippet will be held on the USA Lethal Mixtures. Registrations for this Snippet close in two weeks on Monday 31 August so register now!

The September Exit Snippet addresses the groundbreaking work coming out of the US which details the combination of lethal drugs that can be used for a peaceful death when the holy grail of Nembutal is not available.

In States such as California, the price of Nembutal is now out of reach for many people. Lethal drug combinations such as D-DMAPh have been devised to fill the gap.

The question this podcast will explore is whether these combinations have a role in non-medicalised, DIY approaches.


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New Sarco Exhibition

While the R&D continues on Sarco to ready it for use in Switzerland later in 2021, the 'exhibition model' of Sarco is to shortly go on display in the German city of Kassel.

The Museum for Sepulchral Culture is dedicated to the issues of dying, death, burial, mourning and remembrance. The mission statement of the Musuem is that 'through enlightenment, consultation and mediation' in exhibitions etc.there is 'the opportunity for a conscious examination of death'.

This Museum is the only independent institution committed exclusively to cultural and scientific standards that deals with the entire spectrum of the so-called Last Things.

The Exhibition is titled - Suizid: Let's talk about it.

Of this Exhibition, the Museum says:

Suicide and suicidality are common, but kept silent and stigmatized topics in society. The exhibition presents information, suggestions, challenges and opportunities that reflect a social and personal approach to suicide. With a view to the history of art and culture, humanities and social sciences, and medicine, but above all to the here and now, our goal is to promote public communication on suicide.

Opening night is 10 September 2021. All European Exit Members (& other members/ supporters who are lucky enough to be nearby) are cordially invited.

Inquiries: contact@exitinternational.net
Website: https://www.sepulkralmuseum.de/EN/exhibitions/special-exhibitions
maltaBanner 2

Young Maltese Buck the Euthanasia Trend

While Malta is perhaps best known as the most Catholic country in Europe, it is hardly a surprise that today's news report about whether the country will edge towards end of life legislation is distinctly negative (even remedial) in tone.

However, not all is lost as the article in The Malta Independent on Sunday reports an interesting survey that bucks the trend of most polling in terms of community support for end of life choices.

Usually the highest levels of support lie with the older population groups.

In Malta however, young people under 35 years are reported to be more in favour of voluntary euthanasia than the over 60s.

While it is hard to know the exact reason behind these figures, it is surely interesting to ask if this is because younger people are less likely to be tied to the tenets of the Catholic church.

As history has long shown, when the hold of religion starts to wane, all manner of progress is possible.

In Malta, this may mean waiting for the younger generation to assume the power of Parliament?

Read our Malta story on the Exit International website
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