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2023 is the Year of the Sarco!

2023 is the year that Sarco will be used (in Switzerland - initially).

Before its first use later this year, an inflatable version of the 3D-printed capsule has been taken up north to Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory as part of the Australian Exit Tour.

It was in Darwin that Philip Nitschke helped four terminally ill patients to die in 1996, under the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act.

With the way now clear for the Territory to re-introduce end of life legislation, Philip is taking the opportunity to meet with local politicians to urge them to look towards the Swiss model of legislative reform: rather than the restrictive & deeply inequitable models that have been adopted by Australia's southern states.

Watch the Sarco.Design website for more images of Sarco as it travels Australia this summer.

Why the Territory should Dream Big Again

One does not need to spend long in the remote Northern Territory of Australia to realise the place is different from the southern states.

The closest analogy, perhaps, is that the NT is Australia's Texas. But this comparison may have negative connotations, depending upon one's point of view.

The point is that the NT is unique. As they say in Darwin, 'the top is different to the bottom'!

It is understandable that the NT was first place in Australia to pass assisted dying laws, some 25 years ago in 1995.

Philip Nitschke has recently explained on ABC radio/ TV the freedom which comes with being the Northern Territory, and how this can be a force for good.

In Darwin, things are done different. The NT is perfectly placed to be innovative - again - in its legisltive reform. There is no better legal model than the Swiss Model.

Listen to Philip's Radio Interview on PM (6 January 2023).

Read more on the Exit Website & on the ABC Website

A link to the TV report will be posted next week.

January 2023 Essentials Update

Testing one's drugs is more important than ever which is why Exit advocates drug-testing within the broader framework of harm minimisation.

However, because the best end of life drugs are heavily restricted, it is difficult to find reliable, professional, laboratory testing.

The leading professional laboratory for testing is discussed in detail in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials.

The January 2023 update brings further instruction about the extraction of samples & their submission for testing.

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2022 Exit Workshop Tour Continues

The Australian Exit Workshop resumes in late January in Queensland.


Because this is an Australian tour & because end of life laws are new to Australia, the meetings will focus upon:

a) how to ensure the law in your State/ Territory works for you
b) and your options when it doesn't & you 'fall through the cracks'
c) practical options to take control of your life & death: the 3Ns

Registrations are Open

Further dates are available at: Exit International Website

Workshops are based on The Peaceful Pill eHandbook - The Essentials

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