Welcome Sean Davison

After a three-year period of home incarceration in South Africa, Professor Sean Davison has served his time for his three convictions of pre-medicated murder, and has joined the Exit Team.

Sean Davison wears many hats. He is the Founder of Dignity South Africa and was a 2-term President of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies.

Until this month, Sean was Professor of Microbiology and DNA Forensics at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. He resigned this position to join Exit.

From 1 November Sean joins Exit as a new Executive Director, to work alongside Philip Nitschke across all aspects of Exit International.

In the coming months, Sean will be managing the implemention of the Sarco Project in Switzerland: in preparation for its first use in that country in mid 2023.

Sean will join Philip on the Australian/ NZ workshop tour in January - February 2023.

We hope you join us in welcoming Sean Davison to Exit. We are sure he will be an incredible force in the future of the organisation.

Read more about Sean Davison on the Exit Website

Order Sean's new memoir, The Price of Mercy on Amazon Kindle or in print book from Melinda Ferguson Books.

Sean can be contacted at: contact@exitinternational.net

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  • Landmark Dutch Court Case
  • And Then the Police Came for Him
  • Exitorial
  • Falling Through the Cracks Tour
  • TAS/ QLD/ SA Laws Take Effect
  • Changes to Swiss Regulations
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Australian Exit Tour

Commences 11 November 2022 - Melbourne

Exit Workshops commence next week in Melbourne.

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Because this is an Australian/NZ tour & because end of life laws are new to Australia/NZ, the meetings will focus upon:

a) how to ensure the law in your State/ Territory works for you
b) and your options when it doesn't & you 'fall through the cracks'

Workshops are free & exclusive for Exit Members.

Non-Members/ PPeH Subscribers are welcome to attend on the day, but must also join Exit International.

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News Alert - Professor Sean Davison will be visiting New Zealand in February 2023.
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