MIT Tech Review, AI & the Sarco

This week the MIT Technology Review published a long read about Sarco.

'The Messy Morality of letting AI make Life & Death Decisions' is the first serious, long-read article to examine the challenge of incorporating AI (artificial intelligence) into the mental capacity test.

The mental capaicty test will, in time, be integrated into the modus operandi of the Sarco.

For the present time, the question about how AI could produce more objective and precise determination of a person's mental capacity (above and beyond the ability of a psychiatrist) is yet to be answered.

However, the public debate and consideration created through the publication of an article such as this is an important first step to removing this last bastion of medical paternalism from a rational adult's right to self-determination over their life, and death.

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Completed Life in Switzerland

This week the New York Times reported the death of Exit Member, Anton Fier in Switzerland.

Better known as Tony, Anton's elected voluntary death follows from the news last month of the death of Jean-Luc Godard.

Like Tony, Jean-Luc was not ill. Both men elected to die at a time of their choosing, knowing that they would never be young, able and in their prime again.

In his order notes when subscribing to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook, Anton wrote:

'At 65 years of age i feel i have accomplished all that is within my power in this life.'

Switzerland remains the only country in the world where older people who are not seriously ill can get lawful help to die.

Of course, the Peaceful Pill Handbook sets out the strategies that one can put in place, so that no assistance is needed.

No costly trip to the other side of the world: instead, a peaceful and dignified end at home with loved ones.

The Peaceful Pill Handbook is the only book targeted at older people who wish to have control over their end of life choices.

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London Workshop 2022

Exit's 1st Post-Covid Workshop a Success!

On 15 October, Exit held our first post-Covid workshop at Dragon Hall in London.

The workshop was attended by around 50 Exit Members.

After the workshop, one Exit Member wrote to Exit:

As ever, thank you for organising and presenting yesterday’s excellent workshop. I have been attending your workshops in London for a number of years and always come away feeling empowered. When the day comes for me to follow in my parent’s footsteps and end my own life I know that, like them, I too will have the information I need at my fingertips, thanks to the excellent and tireless work you do.

It was great to see so many faces, old and new.

We are especially pleased that we were able to organise a workshop in a covid-safe fashion and thank those who attended for social distancing showing collective consideration.

Registrations for the forthcoming Australian Tour are now open.

Visit the Exit Website for more information & to register now.
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