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Call for NL to Adopt Assisted Suicide

Moving on from Euthanasia

'I am of the opinion that the Netherlands took a wrong turn in the 1970s and 1980s' writes former doctor, Wim Graafland in the 31 August edition of Medisch Contact.

As a doctor with 'extensive experience with euthanasia and assisted suicide since the 1980s', Graafland writes: 'This euthanasia practice – which has existed since the 1990s and was given its place in Dutch society with the euthanasia law in 2002 – has, in my opinion, had its day'.

Instead he is arguing that 'it is possible and desirable to completely replace euthanasia with assisted suicide. The doctor can then withdraw from this domain and focus entirely on his tasks related to palliative and terminal care.'

Read his article in full on the Exit Website

Sarco Arrives in Germany Ahead of

New 'Suizid' Exhibition

The Sarco was delivered to the Museum fur Sepalkralkultur in Kassel Germany this week ahead of the new exhibition titled 'Suizid: Let's talk about it' that opens on 10 September.

The exhibition aims to serve to de-taboo and destigmatise suicide and the experiences and circumstances that trigger it.

This exhibition will use examples from art and cultural history, medicine, the humanities and social sciences to provide information, suggestions, challenges, and opportunities to reflect on how society and individuals deal with suicide.

Learn more ahead of the opening at the Museum Website
Philip Nitschke and Henny Penny

Thank you for Condolences

Thank you to everyone in the Exit community who sent warm messages of condolences on the death of Henny last week.

Your thoughts and consideration are much appreciated. She is very missed.

Watch Henny's slideshow here

August 21 Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update

The August 2021 update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook has published original data on over 30 documented deaths from 'Middel X Powder' - a lawful, acessible option.

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