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March 5, 2023

Tom Curran Appears on Pat Kenny Show

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Tom Curran Appears on Pat Kenny Show this week to argue Exit’s case for choice.

February 2023 has marked 10 years since Exit Director, Tom Curran, and his partner, feminist university lecturer Marie Fleming, brought their ground-breaking court case in the Irish Supreme Court.

Tom Curran Appears on Pat Kenny Show

In this case, they argued that Irish law discriminated against Marie’s ability to take her own life (lawful suicide) given she was so disabled due to her MS.

Marie’s disability left Tom in the insidious position of needing to help her. This was not acceptable to either of them.

A legal challenge was the only way.

In particular, Marie’s legal team claimed the Section 2.2 of the Criminal Law (Suicide) Act, which renders it an offence to aide, abet, counsel or procure the suicide of another, was unconstitutional.

They argued that it breached Marie’s personal autonomy rights under the Irish constitution and the European convention on human rights.

The court disagreed.

By December the same year, Marie was dead: an anniversary that Tom is planning to celebrate with a series of events.

Tom Curran first joined Exit in 2010 after attending the group’s controversial inaugural workshop in Dublin.

Eager that the debate finally moves on, Tom has been vocal this month in the Irish media against the nay-sayers of choice in dying.

Watch Tom on the Pat Kenny Show (2 March 2023) on YouTube.


Tom Curran Appears on Pat Kenny Show to push the debate along says Exit Founder, Dr Philip Nitschke.

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