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August 13, 2023

How to Organise an Assisted Death in Switzerland

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How to Organise an Assisted Death Switzerland

Going to Switzerland: How to Plan your Final Exit is a hands-on, practical guide to help foreigners plan for a voluntary assisted death (VAD) in Switzerland.

Published in August 2023, Going to Switzerland provides a step-by-step guide that explains why it is that non-Swiss nationals can get help to die in terms of Swiss law. The book then goes on to explain the principal clinics who offer services to foreigners, the various application process, qualification criteria (especially as it pertains to a mental health diagnosis, including dementia/ Alzheimer’s), who gets the ‘green light’ and why, the different methods of death used by the different groups, & the differences in acceptance policies between the various clinics.


The book details all aspects of how to organise an assisted death in Switzerland including, for family and friends: explaining what to expect before, during and after a VAD in Switzerland, as well as explaining cremation, death certificates, clinic costs (and refund policies).

Going to Switzerland provides invaluable background for anyone contemplating making a final trip to Switzerland & ties in perfectly to the Application Assistance Program & ID/ Accompaniment Program of Exit International at

Book Contents

  • Introduction
  • Dying in Switzerland
  • The Swiss are Different
  • Swiss Law on Assisted Suicide
  • How Assisted Suicide Doctors Operate in Switzerland
  • Recent Changes to the Medical Guidelines
  • Swiss Legal Summary
  • The Different Swiss Organisation
  • Dignitas
  • EX International
  • Lifecircle & the Professor David Goodall Story
  • Pegasos & the Laura Henkel Story
  • How to Apply to Die in Switzerland
  • Introducing Professor Sean Davison
  • Exit Application Assistance Program (AAP)
  • Exit ID & Accompaniment Service
  • Going Together
  • Green Lights & Getting Accepted
  • A Word about Mental Health
  • Preparing to go to Switzerland
  • The 2 Sisters
  • Talking about Plans with Family & Friends
  • What to Expect at a Swiss VAD
  • Final Paperwork
  • Family, Friends & your Posthumous Identification
  • Timing of your Death
  • Oral or Intravenous Drugs: It’s not Your Choice
  • Where does the Death take Place?
  • Before you Die
  • After you have Gone
  • Death Certificates, Cremation & Body Repatriation
  • Costs
  • Refund Policies
  • Introducing the Sarco
  • Conclusion
  • Support Exit International


US$40 Exit Members & PPeH Subscribers / $45 print

US$60 Public / $65 print

Going to Switzerland (online edition) sold as a 24 month subscription & is a continually-updated publication.

No age restrictions or ID requirements apply to either edition of this book.

Both editions are 62 pages in length. The print edition is full colour.


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