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Pegasos Swiss Association

Exit is pleased to work in partnership with Pegasos Swiss Association, the leading assisted suicide/ voluntary asssisted dying (VAD) service for English-speaking foreigners, based near Basel, Switzerland.

Pegasos was established in August 2019 by Exit’s long-time colleague and friend, Ruedi Habegger.

Pegasos was founded to fill the gaps left by the other Swiss services. Pegasos:

  • speaks English
  • cuts red tape
  • minimizes waiting times

Pegasos was founded by the same professionals who helped 104-year old Australian ecologist, Professor David Goodall, to die in Basel in May 2018.

Above all, Exit was part of this important team.

Meanwhile, current members of Exit receive priority status at Pegasos.

To find out more about Pegasos, please email

The Pegasos website is at

Special Help for Exit Members at Pegasos

One of the requirements of Swiss law is that everyone who travels to Pegasos must have a person who is able to ID their body after they are gone.

Exit offers free assistance to Exit Life Members in this regard (exc. travel costs which are normally ~€500).

In other words, if you are a Life Member of Exit, you are welcome to contact Exit for details on how to proceed.

Please note, from 1 May 2021 a representative from Exit will again be able to meet you in Basel and identify you on the day (as long as EU internal borders permit).

You can join Exit as a Life Member HERE.

Sam Lara and Henny at Pegasos Swiss Association

Sam Lara and Henny the dog at Pegasos after the death of Laura Henkel, Dec 2019. Sam would go on to make the documentary Laura’s Choice with her mother Cathy Henkel.