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Topic: The New Essentials

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If you are a Peaceful Pill eHandbook – Essentials Subscriber but NOT an Exit Member, you need to first subscribe to the Update Webinars Series. After you subscribe you will be able to register.




  • Called ‘PPeH Update Webinars‘, as their name suggests the Update Webinars will be held each time a substantial update is made to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook – Essentials Edition.
  • Updates are made because the end of life choices field can be fast-changing & there are always new developments.
  • The idea behind the Update Webinars is to lead subscribers through the content of each Update.
  • The Update Webinars will answer broad questions regarding content & allow for audience Q&A.
  • Subscribers and Exit Members will be notified by email of upcoming Update Webinars along with announcements on the Peaceful Pill Handbook website.



  • PPeH – Essentials can be used across all devices inc iPads/ iPhones & Androids (no 3rd party software needed)
  • Note – this edition of the eHandbook is not available for reading on Kindle.
  • eHandbooks are subject to VAT depending on the country of purchase (EU VAT rates range from 6% – 27% depending on the country; print books are taxed at flat 9%)

The Peaceful Pill eHandbook – Essentials ranks the most important, effective & peaceful end-of-life strategies according to Exit’s unique Reliability-Peacefulness-Availability (RPA) Test.

The live, online format allows the book to be regularly updated, ensuring the most up-to-date information is available to readers/ watchers.

* If you are not over 50 years of age, please do not waste our time by buying the book! Your purchase will NOT be honored.


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