Damned If I Do
Autobiography of Philip Nitschke

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Published by Melbourne University Press and told in his own words, Damned If I Do is the revealing and personal story of the man behind Australia’s controversial pro-euthanasia movement.

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Philip Nitschke – physicist, medical doctor, activist – has always lived in the spotlight.

Damned If I Do follows his life from boyhood to student activism,to adulthood and a hotbed of social and political issues that have included Aboriginal land rights and nuclear disarmament, to voluntary euthanasia today.

Never one to shirk controversy, Philip’s belief that all rational adults should have the means to end their lives peacefully and reliably has seen him challenge the medical and political establishment and has led to multiple inquiries into his medical registration and the banning of his international bestselling book, The Peaceful Pill Handbook.

Damned If I Do examines the life that has led Philip to his commitment to a fully deregulated approach to death and dying. Philip Nitschke: ‘What type of ‘gift’ is life if one lacks the autonomy and ability to give this gift away at the time of one’s choosing?

Dr Philip Nitschke is the founder and director of the pro-euthanasia group, Exit International.

Co-author Peter Corris, formerly an academic historian and journalist, is a well-known fiction and non-fiction writer.