Welcome to Exit Generation

Exit is pleased to announce our long-awaited 501(c)3 non profit called Exit Generation.

Founder, Philip Nitschke, says:

"the 'generation' in the title is intended to signify both that the organisation operates in the service of 'that certain age group' (or 'generation') who are considering their end of life choices, and that Exit Generation will be funding the ongoing & creative 'generation' of new ideas, processes & thinking around end of life choices."

Donations, bequests, gifts in Nth America are now tax deductible to the the full extent of the law.

Exit Generation shares the same board as Exit International & will ensure that Exit has a truly international presence now, & in the future.

For further information about how to give to Exit Generation, please email Philip Nitschke on philip501@exitinternational.net

Exit Generation can be found at: www.exitgeneration.org

One of Exit Generation's first foci is working towards education of the proof of concept of the Sarco 3D-printed euthanasia capsule in Switzerland, before it can be made available in other countries.

August PPeH Update

This month Exit brings a second update, this time about changes to the availability of gas cylinders, regulators & bags.

In the past few months, Max Dog Brewing has ceased operating. This is truly the end of an era. But this end is OK, as a range of economical, functional regulators can now be found online (with no purchase restrictions).

Exit thanks Final Exit Network in Florida for their information-sharing on this topic.

Also of note is that Exit member (& retired physician), Bill leBoeuf, has been experimenting with bags for his 'Big Bag Theory'! His valuable, illustrated contribution is now included in the Appendices to the Essentials.

As always, Bill is available online in the Peaceful Pill Forums for Q&A.

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'Going to Switzerland' Print Edition

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We are pleased to announce that Going to Switzerland: How to Plan your Final Exit will soon be available in print form & ready for global shipping.

With no age restrictions, the book's entry into Australia should be unrestricted, which will be welcome news to those how have had the Peaceful Pill eHandbook seized & confiscated by Australian Border Force in the past.

This new book explains Swiss law, Swiss bureaucracy, the differences between clinics, assessment pitfalls in terms of dementia/Alzheimer's, the green light process, couples going together & the value of discussing one's plans with friends/ family. The book is a practical guide that offers insights into what to expect before, during & after an assisted death in Switzerland.

Going to Switzerland ties in to Exit's new Application Assistance Program & ID Accompaniment Program which are managed by Exit Director, Sean Davison.

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For more information please visit Exit Switzerland

Exit Members & PPeH Subscribers: US$40 (online edition), US$45 print (ex shipping)
Public: US$60 (online edition), US$65 print (ex shipping)

The print edition of Going to Switzerland will ship the week of Monday 4 September.
Dutch, French, Italian languages to follow.
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