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Amazon have no Duty to Warn over Nitrite

In a Seattle Court this week, it was found that Amazon had no duty to place additional warnings over the sale of Sodium Nitrite on their website because the danger of ingesting the substance was already well known and obvious.

Nor was Amazon found to be negligent in their marketing of sodium nitrite on their website.

The case known as McCarthy et al v Amazon.com Inc was brought by the parents of 2 teenagers who took sodium nitrite to die. Both teenagers were members of the Sanctioned Suicide website, about which Exit has long objected.

While the Court stated that the young deaths were tragic, it also reiterated the lawfulness of suicide stating that:

'suicide is a voluntary, willful choice by a person who knows the purpose and the physical effect of the suicidal act'.

The Court concluded that additional warnings would not have prevented the deaths.

Lawyers for the parents acknowledged the 'setback' of the verdict but stated also that it was 'hardly the end of the road'.

The full text of the judgment can be found online.
The shorter media reporting of the case is on the Exit Website

Alex S from Eindhoven in NL Court over allegedly assisting suicide (x10)

When Alex from Eindhoven was charged in the Netherlands with assisting in the suicides of at least 10 members of Dutch activist group, CLW, a long process was started.

It was alleged that Alex (a member of CLW) had been selling 'Middel X' (sodium azide) to hundreds of Dutch seniors with at least 10 suicides known to have occurred.

Alex has always maintained that he was not responsible for the deaths stating: 'relatives are often not happy, for them it feels like I have taken something away from them. They hold me responsible for the death of their loved ones. But it is those people’s own responsibility, they themselves decided to end their lives.'

On Monday 3 July, Alex will be read a victim impact statement from one of the women who took Middel X.

With the Dutch authorities keen to clamp down on assisted suicide it remains to be seen what will become of Alex.

Interestingly, the prosecution of Alex is occurring at the same time that Canadian authorities have charged Ken Law for selling Sodium Nitrite.

These are 2 cases of interest to Exit International.

Read the full news report about Alex from Eindhoven on the Exit Website.

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Every 12 months the print edition of the Peaceful Pill Handbook is updated.

Exit is pleased to say that the 2023 edition (which includes the June 2023 DeBreather Update) is now at the printers and will begin shipping from the Netherlands on 15 July.

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