Welcome to Exit Switzerland

This week Exit has launched our new Website which is aimed at helping foreigners to go Switzerland.

In time, the website will feature the Sarco but for now, we are focused on helping with:
  • Selection of a Swiss assisted dying clinic
  • Paperwork requirements
  • Travel & ID requirements
These programs are being overseen by Professor Sean Davison.

More information is at: www.exitswitzerland.com
Or by email at: switzerland@exitinternational.net

July eDeliverance - Now Available

  • New Exit Swiss Support Service
  • PPH Essentials 2023 Print Edition
  • New Sodium Nitrite Controversies
  • Global Police Welfare Checks
  • Personal Tale of Police Arrest
  • Exitorial
  • Sarco Update from Rotterdam
  • Open Letter Presented to NT Chief Minister
  • Remembering Julia Harrison
  • Exit Workshop Tour in Photos
Read eDeliverance Now on the Exit International Website

July/August 23 Update - The Sarco

The July/August update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials will feature an update to Sarco.

The Update will enable readers to better understand how the project will be rolled out later this year.

This update will be essential reading for anyone interested in possibly using the device in the future.

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