Tom Curran asks 'Why Not Get it Right?'

Exit's Europe Coordinator, Tom Curran, has questioned the fact that the Irish Parliamentary Committee have failed to heed his advice and get their legislative model right in the first place.

He said that he is concerned that as soon as the law is implemented that there will be legal challenges and the law will then need to be changed.

And Tom should know!

With his late partner, Marie Fleming, Tom bore witness to multiple (failed) court actions by Marie prior to her death in Ireland's High and Supreme Courts.

It is profoundly disappointing that the Irish Committee has all but ignored the Swiss human rights model of assisted dying in favour of a medical model with strict illness criteria and that is administered and governed by doctors.

Read the Reporting on the Irish Committee Decision

Exit Reaction to Irish Committee Report

The all-party parliamentary committee investigating assisted dying in Ireland will publish their report on 20 March 2024.

Already the contents of the report are coming into public view and the results are disappointing.

Read our new Blog on why the Irish law will fail the 'Marie Test' and why the likes of Ireland's most well known and courageous campaigner, Marie Fleming, would be denied the proposed new law.

Exit Director, Philip Nitschke, has said that an important opportunity has been lost.

Exit's long-time Europe Coordinator, Tom Curran, has said that while the report is a 'move in the right direction', it fails the Marie Test.

Read Exit's New Irish Blog

The Swiss Option

The Swiss Option remains an important option for both couples and the Irish.

For elderly couples who want to die together, there is the option of a hotel room in Peru (5 star of course) and a view of the setting sun over the Pacific Ocean

... OR ... there is Switzerland.

Only in Switzerland can non-terminally ill couples die at the same time in each other's arms.

For Irish people, who will fall outside of the strict medical criteria required to likely use any future law, Switzerland will remain equally important.

Find out more about how to access an accompanied suicide in Going to Switzerland: how to plan your final exit.

Exit also offers help with applications and identification procedures.

See Exitswitzerland.com for more information.

March '24 Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update

The recent ‘duo euthanasia’ of the former Dutch Prime Minister and his wife prompted Exit to update the Peaceful Pill eHandbook as it pertains to couples.

Very few legal options exist for Couples who want to go together. The DIY route is certainly possible, see the story of Athol & Beverley Whiston who died in Peru, but Switzerland remains the only other option.

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