Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update

March 2024

The news in recent weeks of the ‘duo euthanasia’ of the former Dutch Prime Minister and his wife has generated a vast array of questions from Exit member couples about how they, too, could plan to die together. Sadly, at the current time, end of life laws rarely allow for couples to go together.

Exit Couples who have been able to die together largely due to Exit's DIY strategies include:
The March 2024 Update explores in detail the perplexed issue of couples dying together. The Update is essential reading for anyone planning on 'going together'.

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BBC Expose Ukraine Nitrite Seller

With Kenneth Law in custody in Canada and awaiting trial following a sting operation by The Times newspaper, the BBC have now launched their own sting, travelling to the war zone which is Ukraine to expose and interrogate a little-known seller of nitrite in Kyiv.

Spurred on by the spate of teenage suicides in the UK, the BBC say they asked Leonid Zakutenko why it was that 'he was sending a poisonous chemical to people who wanted to end their lives.' His reply was reportedly 'that is a lie'.

What the BBC has not yet done, is to interview the many older people who have been able to buy the Salt (from Law or elsewhere) and store it safely at home 'just in case'.

These are the Exit Members who are extremely grateful to people like Ken Law in that he has given them lawful choice at the end.

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Read more about the Lethal Salts in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials.

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Writes a Professor of Existential Geriatric Psychology

In countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium, it is possible to include a request for voluntary euthanasia in one's advance health directive.

This means that if you make an advance directive at a time when you have mental capacity, you can instruct a doctor to give you euthanasia should you become demented.

You may or may not know that you can be killed in this way. You may not even agree with your prior decision that you don't want to live when you do not have 'all your marbles'.

Jessie Dezutter is Professor of existential geriatric psychology at KU Leuven (Belgium).

She has written a quite interesting and thoughtful op. ed. titled 'Perhaps our free choice of euthanasia for dementia is less free than we like to think' on the conundrum facing those with dementia and those who love and care for them.

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Nitrite Alternatives?

With sodium nitrite proving harder and harder to acquire, Exit has been researching alternatives.

While we want to stay tight-lipped on future directions in this regard we can say that the next update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials will focus on the global availability of nitrite analogues.

Watch this space.

From a Grateful Family ...

Exit often receives accounts of how DIY Exit Plans actually turn out. These stories are invariably positive. And we often receive notes of thanks from grateful families of former Exit Members.

We thought this week we would share one very moving and touching letter with everyone. The phrase 'grace in dying' comes to mind. But readers should make up their own minds.

This letter is published with full permission of its author.

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