Irish Joint Committee

Tom Curran's appearance before the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Assisted Dying proved a highlight in the session of witnesses on Tuesday 10 October.

That said, it would seem that Tom's plea for a broad-based law is falling on deaf ears.

Of the four witnesses to appear that day, only Tom advocated a non-medical model of law reform.

Indeed one witness was actively and stridently anti-choice, which led Tom to wonder why she had been invited.

It would seem the selection of witnesses is, itself, a highly political undertaking and with a committee deeply divided along religious and political lines, the battle for law change in Ireland will be long and gruelling.

Read Exit's new BLOG on how the Irish process is proceeding on the Peacefulpill.com website.

Sign the Marie's Law Petition

With Exit Director Philip Nitschke's appearance before the Irish Joint Commmittee on Assisted Dying postponed until 29 November, there is still time to sign the Exit 'Marie's Law' petition.

It remains critically important that Ireland can learn from the mistakes of other jurisdictions when it comes to end of life law reform.

This means not adopting a narrow, medical criteria that excludes more people than it helps.

Marie's Law is a call for a Swiss model of law reform: where one need not be terminally ill with < 6 months to live.

Tom's late partner, Marie Fleming, was always told by her neurologist that she could die within 2 months, 2 years or 20 years.

No law with a timeline would have helped Marie.

Please help Tom continue to advocate for a commonsense, human rights approach to legislative reform in the Republic of Ireland.


Note - names gathered online will be transferred to the paper edition of the Petition in time for its presentation to the Joint Committee on 29 November 2023.


New Calls to Make it Easier for Psychiatrically Ill Young People to get Help to Die

Just before his death (euthanasia) last Wednesday, 31-year old Dutchman, David Mulder, made one last emergency appeal: lower the threshold to die for people with unbearable mental suffering.

Dutch TV program, Khalid & Sophie, broadcast his first (and last) interview.

"I am in distress," Mulder said at an otherwise empty talk show table at Khalid & Sophie.

More and more people are choosing and obtaining consent for euthanasia, figures from the Regional Euthanasia Review Committees showed last year.

Yet the threshold for euthanasia in cases of unbearable psychological suffering is still too high, Mulder believes.

David was supported in his decision by both his wife and his parents.

Exit was involved in a similar case with Canadian Adam Maier-Clayton in 2017.

Read More on the Exit Website

Read also the interview with the Psychiatrist who helped him die

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