Sarco Goes Viral

When Exit published an online article about the Sarco from SwissInfo in the Exit Internationalist Email newsletter last week, little did we know the amount of public interest that Sarco would create. The breadth of the media coverage snowballed out of control: catching everyone, including Exit, by total surprise.

The way in which the story unfolded is an interesting one. Rarely is there not a back story which helps to explain the whys, hows & wherefores.

This week's Peaceful Pill Blog tells that backstory.

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Sarco in the Media

Finishing the Year with a Big Debate

Swiss Info started it all!!

Last week, a four-month old article about Sarco by Bern-based journalist Clare O'Dea, was finally published by the multi-language, online news platform, SwissInfo.

The SwissInfo article produced an absolute torrent of media coverage that took everyone by surprise.

As one journalist told Philip Nitschke, 'there is something about the Sarco. Every time I mention it, it takes off. Everyone has an opinion about it'.

Swiss newspaper NZZ even reported that the word 'Switzerland' trended on Russian social media, all because of the initial SwissInfo story.

News that Sarco had received a positive review by Swiss law professor Daniel Hurlimann (University of St Gallen) and that, as such, no legal impediments stand in the way of its possible use in Switzerland was featured on various media platforms all around the world and across many languages.

There are way too many articles to mention here, so we refer readers to a quick Google of the term 'sarco' as this will take you to the coverage (which still hasn't stopped).

But more serious questions have also emerged this week which go far beyond media for media's sake.

The SwissInfo article and all its spin-offs have gotten people talking.

Thanks to Sarco, the debate about how we can live and die is again front of mind for so many.

Moreover, the debate is full of passion and opinion.

Exit can think of no better way to see out 2021 than to encourage discussion about this most important subject in which we all have a very serious investment.

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Sarco PPeH Update

Coming in January 2022

Due to the events of the past week, it has been decided to rush forward a Sarco Update for the January 2022 Peaceful Pill eHandbook update.

Over recent days, Exit has received a huge number of questions from members, subscribers as well as from the public - all of which deserve clarification at the earliest opportunity.

The Sarco PPeH January Update will be published in the coming weeks.

The previously advertised 'Pros and Cons of using Oral Drugs' is now postponed until February 2022. Apologies in advance.

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