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Final Exit Snippet 2021

The final Snippet for 2021 will be held on Wednesday 1 December.

The December Snippet will provide the 'year in review' & signal the new, condensed 'Essentials' edition of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook that will be published in print & online in early 2022.

Topics will include: Lethal Inorganic Salts, the Gases, Drug Premedication & Potentiation, Morphine & the Opioids, Dying at Pegasos, the Miscellaneous Drugs, the Barbiturates, the USA Lethal Mixtures & the Devices.

Exit Snippets are exclusive for Exit Members & PPeH Subscribers


Time Zones

  • 21.00 London GMT (Wed 1 Dec)
  • 22.00 Amsterdam
  • 17.00 USA East Coast
  • 14.00 USA Pacific
  • 10.00 NZ (Thurs 2 Dec)
  • 08.00 Australia - Sydney/ Melbourne/ Canberra/ Hobart
  • 07.30 Australia - Adelaide
  • 07.00 Australia - Brisbane
  • 06.30 Australia - Darwin
  • 05.00 Australia - Perth
More about Snippets can be found on the Exit International website

November 2021 PPeH Update

Now Available in All Languages

The November 2021 Update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook focuses on the three topics of:
  • Anti-emetics Warning: Doctors Advised to Scrutinise Requests
  • Nembutal Availability Changes: Sth America
  • Azide Wars Update: Truth is the 1st Casualty
The November Update is now live in all languages (en, nl, de, fr, it & es)

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Australian/ NZ Workshop Tour

September - December 2022

Exit is very pleased to announce that plans for 4-month workshop DownUnder tour, commencing in September 2022 are currently underway. This is a preliminary call for expressions of interest to attend.

Why Australia & NZ?
Despite recent moves to introduce restrictive medicalised assisted dying laws across Aust and NZ, the demand for information on how you (not the medical profession) can control your own death grows. Recent developments in Europe make the option of rational suicide even easier - the planned 2022 DownUnder workshop series will show you how..

The tour - the first post C19 - will encompass all Australian capital cities as well as many regional centres.

The New Zealand cities of Auckland, Wellington and Nelson will also be included.

If you are interested in attending, be sure you are on our email list.

* You can double check you are included on the Exit Website
* Back editions of the Exit Internationalist e-newsletter are on the Exit site.
* Back editions of the Deliverance newsletter are also available.
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