'The Devices' Snippet

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This week's November Snippet focuses on 'the Devices' as documented in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook. Included for examination are:
  • The Sarco
  • The DeBreather (with special guest: Inventor Richard Avocet)
  • The Cogen
  • The Korean Collar
WHEN: Wednesday 3 November @ 21.00 London GMT

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New Blog

Fudging the Facts in the Azide Wars

This week, my former colleague, Dutch psychiatrist Boudwijn Chabot, published an opinion column in the NRC newspaper full of 'alternative facts'.

Disagreeing with the use of Middel X (sodium azide) as a means for a peaceful death is one thing. But publicly confusing a video documenting a death by sodium nitrite with a death from sodium azide is both dishonest and unnecessary.

To say Chabot's column was disappointing is to put it mildly.

Read my Blog on his piece on the Peaceful Pill Website

It's World R2D Day

And the Swiss are Celebrating :-)

The Swiss stand alone in a legal model based on the decriminalisation of Assisted Suicide.

With its liberal-progressive access to physician-supported, professionally accompanied suicide, the 6 Swiss R2D groups sponsoring this press release say that for 40 years, it is Switzerland that has been an international role model for freedom of choice, self-determination, and self-responsibility in regard of “the last human right”.

They say the 'freedom to decide on the time and manner of one’s own end in life is a human right and a personal decision, which has to be respected up front'.

'There is no reason why what has in practice worked well in Switzerland since 1982 should not work in other countries too.'

Hear hear says Exit!

The Groups behind the PR are:

EXIT A.D.M.D. Suisse romande, Geneva
EX International, Berne
EXIT (Deutsche Schweiz), Zürich
Lifecircle, Biel-Benken
DIGNITAS – To live with dignity – To die with dignity, Forch
Pegasos Swiss Association, Basel

Read the Full Press Release on the Exit International Website

Read about Swiss law and the differences between the services for foreigners in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook

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Exit to host Rally in Dublin

World Right to Die Day

As part of the legislative push to get end of life choice on the political agenda in Ireland, Exit International's Tom Curran will be co-hosting a rally at the Dail (parliament buildings) in Dublin this Tuesday.

Everyone is welcome so please come along.

For further details, Tom can be contacted via the Exit Website
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